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  1. Time Left: 1 day and 6 hours

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    Here we have my handpainted wasteland MP5 SD. Regretful sale but it's not getting used and I could do with the money. I believe this is Classic Army -Handpainted body sealed with polyerethane varnish -SHS steel gears -330 fps spring -TB barrel -glow front sight (made, not bought) -Four 90rn short mags The gun also features an unusual conical amplifier that sits flush with the inner and outter barrel. Makes a satisfying 'pop pop' sound The stock is off a JG and isn't a perfect fit so can slide all the way out when you don't want it to.


    - GB

  2. About the knife kills, it's all about attitude. I got knife killed 4 times by this African fella who always wore Yiki-tabi (ninja shoes) to the indoor CQB site I was frequenting at the time. I was pissed off but that was just a reflection of my incompetence at the situation, so instead of being salty I befriended him and asked him what he does and how he does it... And I learned something.
  3. Time Left: 1 day and 6 hours

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    Something a little unusual. Selling my beloved S10 mesh mask. It just doesn't get used since I started making my own lower mesh masks with standard Heroshark eyepro. Little surface rust on lenses, size 3. Small holes dremelled into mouth area to facilitate breathing. 45.00 posted



  4. My pair of Maruzen Scorpions. They were indestructible and huge performers. One has a long TB going through it and an SVD wood stock. God knows where in the UK that is now.
  5. Socom pistols? Are you referring to the MK23's by ASG and Marui? Yeah those things shoot planes out the sky out the box, they're pretty amazing although it's a shame they're no fun to shoot. I stopped going to UA many years ago as back then the nepotism and cliques was too much to bare although that was so long ago I imagine things have changed since then.
  6. Anyone encountered this before? Feel this is worth getting out there as these are still relatively new. Moving the selector to 6 shot mode changes nothing, it fires 3 like the 3 shot mode. Ideally I'd rather send this to someone who knows what they're doing with these but If it's simple and anyone knows I may have a bash.

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    Really didn't want to get rid of this but just can't justify keeping it. Upgrades include: -ASPUK Piston -ASPUK metal hop chamber -ASPUK Barrel stabilizer (stops the inner barrel wobbling all over the place) FPS: 420 These are the most base upgrades you can do to these before you start putting more beasty stuff into them and fine tuning. It's already lobbing 0.30 quite far but fully upgraded these rival (upgraded) VSRs. I've owned both and I actually prefer the A&K SVD. Far simpler to upgrade and far simpler to repair. I can't post this as it is far too big so it'll be pick up only. I'm located in Stoke-on-Trent. PM for more details or arranged pick up.


    Stoke-on-Trent - GB

  8. Oh no wait, you're right. They're ALSO awful. Not as bad as the leccy one I'm thinking of but Christ they're up there.
  9. Oh no... Not one of these nightmare 'leccy boxes.
  10. Mystery solved! I was being overly cautious filling the gas mag! Filled it properly for a good length of time and it's now firing circa 280fps. Guess my long history of filling smaller GBB pistol mags doesn't translate to huffing great gas tanks.
  11. So I've just bought a Secutor Velites GX1, my friend bought the lesser-seen Velites GII (Serbu shorty thing) Mine has the lowest recorded fps I can find thus far on the internet. It's averaging about 230fps whilst my friends GII is doing 280, 290. Very curious since it has shorter inner barrels when you consider gas expansion. These are purported to do 270fps+ and Youtube reviews support this. Various brands of airsoft green gas yield the same results. I'm a little bummed out because I bought the GX1 for it's power and yet my Marui SPAS12 out performs it. The gas reservoir has a *slight* slow leak. I wonder if the issue could be with the gas tank or the gun itself. The gas tank does appear to be pushed right up against the receiving nozzle with no play, either way I'm out of ideas and wonder if anyone has any other ideas why it could be losing 50 fps against it's purported power. Failing this I guess I could run it on MAP/propylene?
  12. I'd like to use it in my Secutor as it's a little underpowered compared to my spring shotties but I've heard it chews through seals over time.
  13. The idea here is (and was from the very beginning) that you refill those smaller bottles with a 10kg or 20kg or what-have-you bottles. You'd need an adapter to this. Then, yes, it would work out much cheaper.
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