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  1. 🤣🤣 bruv I get you 🤣🤣
  2. Lol I'm not 🤣 I know what you guys mean. I've got it in my head what to do with the gun now cheers people.
  3. Really guys come on im just asking a question.
  4. Ok my dude. So what rps would u think id get out of It mate if I left it lol
  5. Hey people I'm after a ssg build gun. I don't want people telling me to do a different build or something, I purely want a ssg build so fellow tech people here are my parts that I have. Shs 12.1 gears Shs piston (Swiss cheese) Light weight plastic piston head Shs cylinder head Plastic nozzle (for less weight) Spring I have is whatever people suggest I have literally every spring lol. Shs tappet plate Black full cylinder Ball bearing spring guide Asg anti reversal latch Shs high torque motor Wired to dean's. Prowin Flat hop 180mm barrel. Right so my issue is that I want to know what to short stroke lol. I'm fully aware you haft to short stroke the gun by the piston and the sector gear but I'm wondering how much to shave off to give me the best rps. I want the fastest rps. I've done a dsg and I didn't like it. So if you fellow techs can tell me what to shave off etc to give me the best rps ie like 30-40rps etc then that would be great. Cheers guys.
  6. Sorry fella it's actually on 0.2
  7. U a Dsg owner lol? Hope that solves it tho
  8. No lol Yeah the nozzle isn't returning I can see it myself lol but dunno how to.solve it. Maybe cut a few coils off etc?
  9. Hello all. I have built a dsg and I love it but semi auto isn't right. Every thing is shaven to perfection ie 11m on tappet plate etc. Gears are 18.1 spur and 13.1 bevel. Piston is shs. Everything is shs included metal nozzle. M150 spring Fps:325 on 0.25g All new wiring. Prowin with prommy purple. Prommy purple nub with solder mod. Custom barrel 180mm (Not tightbore) Didn't bother with flat hop. Now the issue is that on semi shot I will get one that goes miles and then one that stops In front and so on. Full auto is just insane and fires about 65 meters and I did shoot someone that I know with it and it has left loads of dots all over him and he jumped alot. But anyway semi is just an issue but if anyone can help/redirect me to a dsg tech then please do. Cheers people
  10. Hi all I'm wanting to tactical up my asg sti tactical, NOT THE DUTY ONE, I'm after upgrading it but want a suppressor is there any adapters that will screw on it for a suppressor. Cheers
  11. Ahhh right. Different question tho please mate but what barrels does the asg sti tacitcal gbb take. Gbb or aeg. Maple leaf gbb rubber. And is there a silemcee adapter for it in need of alot of help lol. Cheers mate
  12. Hi all I'm after upgrading my aep glock ftom cyma. Does it take aeg, barrel, rubber, piston, piston head etc. Cheers George

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    Hi there Here is my fully upgraded l85a2. It's been fitted with the real dd rail from an old afghan unit same with the grip. It's a grippod system grip. This gun fires 347 fps on 0.2g bbs on an acetech chronograph. The gun shoots over 70 meters straight with a tight grouping. There is nothing stock in this gun other than propratry internals obvously. internals: Zci hyper torque motor Guarder M100 spring Shs cylinder head Shs piston Shs piston head Shs 16.1 gears Madbull 6.03 barrel prome purple rubber 16 gage wire Wired to deans New ics trigger unit fitted This gun has suprisingly been skirmished 3 times. Comes with 1x ics hi cap mag, 1x acog, 1x peq box, 1x lipo. Reason for sale: freeing up some space in the collection and narrowing down to 1 gun and 1 sidearm. This gun deserves a good home as it's too pretty sitting gathering dust. please message or call me on my number: 07490483102 I am Open to offers!!! will post at buyers cost worth over £600 of stuff Thanks George


    - GB

  14. I'm after selling a gun how do I sell it on here. Cheers
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