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  1. Oneshotonekill

    Asg sti tacitcal suppressor

    Hi all I'm wanting to tactical up my asg sti tactical, NOT THE DUTY ONE, I'm after upgrading it but want a suppressor is there any adapters that will screw on it for a suppressor. Cheers
  2. Oneshotonekill

    Upgrading g18 aep CYMA

    Ahhh right. Different question tho please mate but what barrels does the asg sti tacitcal gbb take. Gbb or aeg. Maple leaf gbb rubber. And is there a silemcee adapter for it in need of alot of help lol. Cheers mate
  3. Oneshotonekill

    Upgrading g18 aep CYMA

    Hi all I'm after upgrading my aep glock ftom cyma. Does it take aeg, barrel, rubber, piston, piston head etc. Cheers George
  4. Oneshotonekill

    ICS L85A2 Fully Upgraded *BARGAIN*


    • For sale
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    Hi there Here is my fully upgraded l85a2. It's been fitted with the real dd rail from an old afghan unit same with the grip. It's a grippod system grip. This gun fires 347 fps on 0.2g bbs on an acetech chronograph. The gun shoots over 70 meters straight with a tight grouping. There is nothing stock in this gun other than propratry internals obvously. internals: Zci hyper torque motor Guarder M100 spring Shs cylinder head Shs piston Shs piston head Shs 16.1 gears Madbull 6.03 barrel prome purple rubber 16 gage wire Wired to deans New ics trigger unit fitted This gun has suprisingly been skirmished 3 times. Comes with 1x ics hi cap mag, 1x acog, 1x peq box, 1x lipo. Reason for sale: freeing up some space in the collection and narrowing down to 1 gun and 1 sidearm. This gun deserves a good home as it's too pretty sitting gathering dust. please message or call me on my number: 07490483102 I am Open to offers!!! will post at buyers cost worth over £600 of stuff Thanks George


  5. Oneshotonekill

    How do I sell on here.

    I'm after selling a gun how do I sell it on here. Cheers
  6. Oneshotonekill

    What rails will fit the ics l85a2

    I have the ics one. Just looking for the rail and been offerd the army tac rail and wanted to know if it would fit
  7. Hey guys just wondering what rails will fit the ics l85a2. I have had an offer for a army one which has all the fancy rails on it,exactly like the Danial defence one but just wondering will it fit the ics l85 model. Cheers George
  8. Oneshotonekill

    Will kJ co2 glock mag fit in g18 by raven

    Will kJ co2 glock mag fit in a raven g18? Many thanks George
  9. Oneshotonekill

    Best position for a camera for youtube

    Ok thank you
  10. Oneshotonekill

    Best position for a camera for youtube

    Hi arwen where did you find that free version
  11. Oneshotonekill

    Best position for a camera for youtube

    Hey guys on this topic What is the best professional video editor for free and doesn't have watremarks and you can put a picture in the video cos I am now sponsored by battlestations airsoft and they want to have there banner around the video or on the right corner Cheers George
  12. Oneshotonekill

    Best position for a camera for youtube

    Guys I can’t believe it great help. really do appreciate the help. Thank you
  13. Oneshotonekill

    Best position for a camera for youtube

    Cheers guys forgot to say tho I play at battlestations airsoft and if you don't know what that is that is cqb with containers joined up together so it pretty close but is also got a mid range site next to it so we change inbertween the maps so that's why I was on about scope can as I can get some long shots off.
  14. Hey guys As you can see by the title I've started a youtube channel,deadshot airsoft and i was wondering where's the best Place to have a camera either on your head or gun. Now I don't have money yet for both only one. Please help cheers
  15. Oneshotonekill

    Ics l85 problem

    Hi guys! If you can remember my ics gun had a few faults but now it’s insane but it’s developed another problem so when you shoot in semi the trigger locks back like in an m4 if you don’t have the spring. But In full auto it fires lovely. I was wanting to turn this into my type of Milsim weapon but looks like it isn’t going to be. Please help on telling me what the issue is Many thanks