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  1. ChrisMC

    Anyone used this Pistol?

    Ive got a rudis 3 and it's the best out of the box pistol I've ever had. Ive been using it on every skirmish for about 8 months. Edit; it's based on a kjw and takes their co2 mags, which are the weakest link in the gun. Just make sure everything is tightened up regularly. It has a lot of kick which can sometimes cause the outer barrel to unscrew. I suggest a bit of locktight on it
  2. ChrisMC

    UKARA Number

    Im lookong to buy a bag of pot. I used the search function and this thread came up. Would one of you mind ordering it for me then dropping it off at my house as I don't have time to go out and get some myself
  3. Well I've got a sig 552 coz I'm a hard-core marine, mp5 for slapping like a bawss, vsr10 for when I can't be added running and AR15 because it was a good first gun. Among others. Ar15s are nice but it's airsoft and anything can be made into a good airsoft gun. 556 NATO is such a standardised round and you aren't going to shoot one that much better than out of an ar15.
  4. ChrisMC

    G&G UMG Advise

    First time I've come across a fellow umg owner. I got one of these for my last game day https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-nano-tech-1300mah-3s-25-50c-lipo-airsoft-pack.html?___store=en_us It just(!) Fits. It is very very tight but does fit. Sometimes I had to pop the rear pin and open the reciever to push it out. It takes the gun from a slow chugger to having really nice ROF. I havent installed a MOSFET, yeah I know the risks of trigger contacts, but I wanted to try it out. If you have a MOSFET in the battery part you might struggle to make it fit. I hadn't used the gun for ages and I thinking mags are a bit screwed, but on one of the mags it ran fine. Just note i didnt use it much. I got know how it will affect it long term
  5. ChrisMC

    Airsoft Youtubers

    Guy with RL AWP dragon lore climbs Everest and destroy all the cheaters!
  6. ChrisMC

    Looking for a tracer

    Let me know if you find one, or even a silencer!
  7. ChrisMC

    Brought my first Airsoft gun! Opinions?

    Well I hope you haven't been scared off Jason. I hope your defender works out for you. Unfortunately you came onto a forum with a lot of knowledge and experience and asked for people's opinions on a gun by a manufacturer that don't have the best write-ups.
  8. ChrisMC

    How do you store you aeg rifles?

    This is where I keep mine 🤭.... 20180512_131927_1.mp4
  9. ChrisMC

    If you really must have a green gas 1911.....?

    I've got a secutor rudis that comes with interchangeable nozzles so you can use gas or co2. Shoots under 350 on co2 with the small one and get loads of mags out of a bulb. Can't see why anyone would get a green gas one when there are pistols like this on the market. I've used it every game day for 6 months so far with no issues and it's nice and accurate out of the box
  10. ChrisMC

    Maple Leaf Hop Rubber - FPS Problem

    As AshOnSnow said you should check of its overhopping already without and hop turned on.
  11. ChrisMC

    DSG Gearbox

    I recently finished my first scratch built gun with 12:1 shs gears. I wanted super response/ROF and that gives plenty with a high torque motor. I was adamant I wanted to run it on 11.1 but my high caps were tying their springs in knots trying to keep up, and I was still having feeding issues on a 7.4V until I got some decent mid caps and fitted a delayer chip. Its still like a bloody hose pipe on 7.4V. I would listen to what sitting duck is saying. He was very helpful while I was asking questions on my build and if I had listened to him sooner I could have saved some money and time. The best thing I did for response was a hair trigger mod, speed trigger and mosfet. It's not technically response in the cycle but the gun reacts much quicker to finger movement. If I had the knowledge I have now when I started my full rebuild I would do the above, replace the wiring and connectors, hi torque motor and dean's/ xt60 and run 11.1v. Maybe bump up to 16:1 gears and a delayer chip. Leave DSG till you have enough experience to iron out all the creases yourself.
  12. For when you need to stop someone from ice skating uphill... I think its a modded uzi or Ingram. Sure someone could 3d print one up
  13. ChrisMC

    TM 870 Breacher alternative?

    I've got a CYMA tri shot m870. Short barrel with the full stock. I chuck 0.25 or 0.28s or whatever I have in there. With all 3 .25s it tends to over hop one, underhop one and one shoots straight. Its not a huge variation though. Heavy bbs help keep the group a bit tighter, laterally and vertically. They do short and long barrel (inner barrel is the same) and full stock or pistol grip. At my site three of us have 3 different ones and they perform at the same level, Which is pretty good especially given the price. I wish i had got the no stock version because it woyld be easier to throw in my rucksack amd would get more use. That said It's nice to have the stock to help pump it as it can be quite stiff but once you get used to it you learn to holding steady. Also you can tuck the shotty shells into the spare weave of your molle so you look like a badass.
  14. ChrisMC

    What are you driving?

    Megane RS trophy. Pic isn't mine but it's identical. Perfect car for getting grumbled at even when driving sensibly.
  15. Depends what style of gun you want. If you want a SMG I would highly recommend the g&g top tech UMG. The hop unit is great and the range and accuracy is amazing. It is by far the best standard gun I have come across in terms of effective range. ASG Scorpion evo is another great out of the box gun. CYMA make great AKs. It's not sniper accurate but solid none the less. I wouldn't recommend fiddling with your own gun unless you have another one to use if you can't get it working just right, except maybe getting a new hop chamber, bucking, nub, and barrel. Then you can put it all together and replace the standard one without dismantling it. Then if it doesn't perform right put the stock one back in. I recently finished turning my raider L into a DMR. It was a great learning process and I could have done it much cheapernifbi had listens to advice on here. Ibwould recommend learning but only when you have a backup gun. So you can see whats possible here's My cm16. Pretty much all that remains is the reciever gearbox casing and outer barrel. (Modified to fit in the handguard)