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  1. Thanks for that. Running a 7.4 lipo. 3200mah. Can i retard the sector gear a touch to move the tappet nub a bit further away? Or would that not have any effect? The nozzle is retracted all the way back so there is no movement so a little too much for my liking. Cheers Aaron
  2. Afternoon guys. Right. Its working again. Cinsistant fps of circa 420. However... can someone tell me where the nozzle should sit after firing. Forwards or fully back? At the moment it seems to fit fully back but my head tells me it should be forwards and in the bucking??? If so how do i correct this? Cheers.
  3. Okay will order a full upper and lower. Saves me chopping and means i can come up with something funky with the gr body. Right so had another play as the gr gearbox and setup was misfeeding. Turns out a priblem with the tappet plate so replaced with a spare i had. No misfeeding and now getting a consistent 369 to 372 fps. Happy with that variance. Must just mean the spring is crap. What spring would people recommend as a true m140 spring. Looking for a consistent 430 to 450 fps.
  4. Not an official prowin. Seen the state of some of those and gone for that style but different make. Right. Anyone know if the a&k lower reciever accepts the g&g upper? Thanks. Thinking about getting one to save shaving the innerds out of the g&g for correct fit.
  5. Hmm. Fed up with it now. Have bitten the bullet and ordered an a&k v2.5 gearbox (elongated) for a good price and a prowin hop unit. Bit of tinkering and see if that fixes the issue. T least i will have more air to mive heavier bbs.
  6. Still fires. No movement of paper.
  7. Sorry was in dim wit land for a moment there. Right. Just done the paper in the magwell test and no movement other than gun vibration. Did what samurai suggested and the nozzles looks fairly central ( looking down 509 barrell)
  8. Samurai. Cant do what you have suggested. The gr25 has a hop unit that mates fully to the gb.
  9. Dont seem to be able to feel a seal when mating the hop to the gearbox.. starting to feel this one may be past me. Replaced all sealing parts acept the cylinder head as no replacement units available. This is doing my swede in.
  10. Kk folks. Update. New cylinder, piston and piston head installed. Compression is excellent. No air leak including with air nozzle on ( already has o ring in the air nozzle). Put back together and did a few test fires. First 10 shots 345 fps (0.2g) average ( with the longer promy barrell). Thought i would change to the oe barrell to see if that made a difference. It did. Dropped the fps down to 287. Ok. Swapped back to the promy barrell and then was getting 245fps again..... what the hell is going on???? Any ideas. Possibly the hop unit not sealing well enough. Using green g&g bucking. Help. Want to get to a game jn the next few weeks.
  11. Only bummer is cant change the cylinder head unless i manufacture one. Ordered a ss cylinder and new piston. Going to play with this a bit to get it right. Will probably gasket seal the cylinder head in place. If that does not work i may be looking for a 2.5 gb shell and swapping some internals over lol but at least i will have some bits for when the nuprol gb goes. Will keep posted when the stuff arrives and i have finished with the v2 gb. Ah also ordered a double o ring piston head (shs) to give that a wurl for compression seals.
  12. Chrono is good as getting 335 fps on my delta recon.
  13. Think i have nailed it to the piston seal. Did the paper test no movement. Stripped down to gb and taken apart. Cylinder head seal is fantastic. Finger over end and blowing in the other with no leak. Piston seems very loose. Putting finger over end if nozzlr when together yhe piston still fires so must be air going round piston head seal. Original barrell length 509mm. New fitter is 590mm
  14. Barrel changed to original. 300 fps. Got to be an air leak somewhere.
  15. Will revert back to the original and give that a go tomorrow. Post back shortly. Thanks
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