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  1. Its not my first gun but i have never done any upgrades on aegs but i understand why u say use it before upgrading it. i was thinking of the cyma CM040C. https://gunfire.com/en/products/cm040c-assault-rifle-replica-1152192185.html And i was wondering the CM040C comes with a 8.4v ni-mh. could i use a lipo with it and if so what voltage. my other gun uses a lipos.
  2. Thanks for the responses. CYMA seems like a good option what first few upgrade would be best.
  3. Hi i was wondering what ak would be the best for around £200 that has good upgrading prospects and is ok out the box? Thanks Noah
  4. thanks for the advice but i would not consider £215 a cheap gun i know there are alot more expensive guns on the market but there are also alot more cheaper guns.
  5. Thanks for the help. i mean it shoots really nice and i have out ranged people on the field quite a few times i was just wondering if i could get it that step further
  6. I have the Nuprol Delta Recon Alpha and it shoots 330 to 340 fps with hop set on with .20 bbs.
  7. i would like to get a little more range out of my aeg and i was wondering whats the best thing to upgrade to do this.
  8. i use a flat head screw driver to push the lip down when i put my cylinder back in
  9. what is a good hop bucking for a ares striker hop up. not very smart with the technical side of airsoft help would be great. Thanks
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