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  1. We probably should all have some eye wash! I know I’ve needed it a few times and if you buy the small saline bottles from Tesco’s it’s pretty cheap! plus plasters, or that gauze tape. But that’s mainly for chaffing/blisters. Maybe some roll on for those rubbing chubby bits haha
  2. Equium Duo

    Nuprol Delta range, surprisingly good!

    Hey I can weigh in on the soecna arms. Proud owner of an sa013. I’ve put a gates nano mosfet (no active breaking) plus upgraded all wiring to high quality 16 awg. ive also done my best to shim it as well as I could and I’ve adjusted the aoe. I’ve also done a home made r-hop with 50 shore silicone and a home made flat nub. I run a 1000mah 11.1v Lipo. how can I weigh in on this? Well my mate bought exactly the same gun at the same time and has done zero modifications. the obvious to get it out of the way: mine fired faster (well duuhhhh). Haha Range: we can both hit a man size target at 50m or so with >50% firsts hit chance. We both have 4x ACOG knock offs. No wind and a straight forward shot. at a range I can hit the head of the target 95% of the time at 50m and my mate gets a few flyers, he’s prob at 70% my full auto does not spray as much as his, I get a tighter stream. Thanks r-hop! in terms of efficiency, he runs a 7.4v 1300mah Lipo. I have been tracking rough number of bbs per mah (base during on what the imax b6 is telling me it out back in after a game). My mate averages about 2-3 bbs per mah, and I’m getting about 5-6 bbs per mah. Well that’s a mix of auto/semi fire. i do get a double shot problem, but I can clear it by firing auto and going back to semi again. My mates does not do this. Mom the field at the chrono we both get compliments about how consistent the guns are and then questions about what they are and where we get them from. any questions please ask.
  3. Equium Duo

    Big size bdu/acu

    Hey mate, I found that for Multicam the options topped out typically at 42” waist or so. But for DPM woodland it was a lot more forgiving. Also I got woodland stuff from combatsouth in the uk and the 44” waist was very generous. Unlike the 42” Multicam viper stuff. as an aside I gott he viper Multicam shirt with wicking material and elbow pads. The arms are comically large and the chest stuff was nice and stretchy. But go and try it on and see how you get on! good luck!
  4. Equium Duo

    Prescription glasses and airsoft

    I played the weekend with my first game in contacts. It was amazing. I didn’t find them annoying or awkward and to be honest I’m willing to bet the irritation you might feel will be practically dwarfed by the thrill of airsoft and you won’t notice until you are on a quiet period/rest or afterwards maybe on the drive home. I loved it, contacts for life. Also as an added bonus, a 30day pack is like £50 for both eyes. So if you only wear them for airsoft you’ve basically paid for the entire year.
  5. Equium Duo

    The joy of tuning :)

    Nice to see this, a lot of people in the field were like "don't touch it until it breaks," I can see what they mean and I understand they are just trying to save me some time and frustration and keep me enjoying the sport. but I, like my father before me, almost enjoy the mechanical side as much as the actual event. I rebuilt the engine of a jap v6 twin turbo and honestly loved every painstaking moment of it. So with airsoft I'm gonna do what you did. Take my time, read the resources and do everything to my gun to make it the best it can possibly be. My mate has bought the same gun as I have, so it will be interesting to compare a before and after. I'm planning on Shimming, AOE, R-Hop, stretch the piston o-ring and polishing everything. I'm confident. I've gone through the pain of straightening valves on a 24v V6. It can't possibly require any more patience than that!!