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  1. Looks like I got a bargain then... Just bought a KWA G19 for £50 and came with an extra KSC mag
  2. Just got a KWA G19 (not new) and it has all the proper marking and is very realistic looking but haven't used it yet so cant comment on function. If money isnt really a concern why not get the TM for the internals then a metal slide for it?
  3. Ive only used mine at home never used it properly but its decent for the money and im sure the ugrades you have done will make a decent improvement. Mine has a little reducer in the nozzle to keep the power done but yeah without that they are something silly like 700fps
  4. If you want something cheap, I have a Swiss arms c02 rifle that is 450ish FPS stock but is VSR compatible so you can change the bolt and convert it to spring later if wanted. So could buy the upgrades bit by bit then swap it over when you have the full set up Only cost £75
  5. After getting this wrong I tried a lot of searching to try and help but I literally cant find anything online that tells you what mags fit...
  6. Yeah it was all held completely in place it hadn't shifted at all you couldn't even see it was cracked, I`m happy with the purchase and not trying to say snuff knew about it at all. . Only dry fired it but all sounded fine before I stripped it. The gearbox came out as one piece and the front bit only fell off once it was out of the gun so was probably working like that for a while but would have inevitably failed at some point.
  7. Thanks yeah I realized afterwards that I can just change the sizes of needed so that is ok. It chrono'd at 345 before I got it so don't think the spring is massively overpowered or anything.
  8. Oh sorry, I thought that was the M4 mag and the other was a SR25 one or something, sorry! Does it use MP5 mags?
  9. http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/stanag-magazines/dboys-m16-m4-vn-style-metal-110rnd-magazine-black.htm#.WlaWUChl_rc for example (cant vouch for the quality) usualy refered to as "shorty" or VN style mags. If that is what you want?
  10. There are quite a few mid caps in that style available?
  11. New to repairing AEG`s so bare with me I haven't been able to confirm this by searching. I have recently acquired a classic army M15 I stripped it down as I was not sure what internals it had. However I have discovered the front of the gearbox case is totally cracked and not attached to the rear! was just held in place with the gun assembled I am not saying the previos owner knew about this as possibly you wouldn't if it hadn't been taken apart. Can I buy any V2 gearbox case as long as it has 9mm bearings? is that the only real variation? Also the tappet plate is damaged ( I might have done this taking it apart. Again is any V2 tappet plate compatible? the main reason being I cant find either of these parts in stock anywhere so would have to get another brand other than CA
  12. Just got a new (to me) M4 running an external battery in a bag, thinking of changing to a full stock to make things neater and was what I had in my last M4 and I liked it. Does anyone know the approximate max dimensions of battery you can fit in a full stock? As I already have a bunch of RC car lipos in various sizes
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