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  1. Cheers mate, much appreciated!
  2. i have recently bought a CTW MK18 and was wondering where the best place is to buy internal parts and magazines for it?
  3. MK18 CTW with EOTECH 522, PEQ 16, Surefire torch and MBUS sights
  4. Ekko

    WE M4 upgrade

    It is a good place!
  5. Ekko

    WE M4 upgrade

    I was at the war and peace show near there a couple of weeks ago
  6. Ekko

    WE M4 upgrade

    Brenchleys in Tunbridge Wells right?
  7. Ekko

    WE M4 upgrade

    Barnsley and Sheffield mostly
  8. Ekko

    WE M4 upgrade

    I'm fairly new to airsoft and your advice has been very helpful. Thankyou so much!
  9. Ekko

    WE M4 upgrade

    2600 mAh and 25C
  10. Ekko

    WE M4 upgrade

    I use a 7.4v lipo battery but the rest I'm not sure about due to the fact that they are stock internals.
  11. Ekko

    WE M4 upgrade

    The trigger response definitely needs an upgrade and so does the accuracy
  12. Ekko

    WE M4 upgrade

    I have a WE M4A1 and i was wondering what upgrades i should have done to it to make it a better gun. Any suggestions are welcome
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