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  1. Haha, true. Nah my idea is just say that "I had this idea to make a local club as a way to go between different sites and try new things out while possibly saving some monies. What do you think of that idea." Not gonna be like yo awesome club join it k?
  2. @Robert James I really like this idea. Thanks for sharing these suggestions. I think this is the best way to go. I'm booked down for an Aldershot day this Sunday so I'm gonna make an effort to interact with as many people as possible and see who else likes the idea!
  3. @Jedi_Master =0 oh god yeah thats a must! @EDcase hey man, thanks for signing up! Just to let you know I changed the club name to something abit cooler so the link is now http://survivorforce.clanwebsite.com/ I think the plan is that we will move around sites such as aldershot, eversley, reading, and other nearby areas like that. Should be a pretty cool idea I reckon. Anyone reading this who might be interested in the club. Check out the paragraph below. Thanks! What is this site? This site is an airsoft club for UK airsofters based around the southern areas of england. We use it to organise club events throughout the year and to relay news and communicate between our members. You may be wondering what the point of this is, membership of this club boasts a few bonuses that may appeal to you: Make more friends - For starters, the idea of this club is to get a friendly group of players touring around the different nearby airsoft sites. It means that you get to see familiar faces at different sites more often and gain stronger relationships with other players. Save money - Perhaps one of the strongest selling points of the club is the idea on saving money. Take a look at the events section point 5 further down. You will notice that as our member numbers grow the price of an event per head will be able to decrease. In addition to that, the club will be gaining little bits of extra income per event to spend on additional club items. Eventually the plan is that the club will be able to start buying it's own spare guns which can be loaned out to members on events for free thus cutting costs even further. Feel part of a team - As this club grows, it may or may not turn into a professional team complete with our own badges, rosters, etc. Of course this is all optional features that anyone can take part in but it may prove to be a nice idea for those interested. Generally speaking, this club can only work if we gain the members required. The plan is to register around 50 members on this site to show that there is enough interest. Once we have hit this milestone, we can start booking up events. Until then, you can still use this site as a means of a social club and have chats, meet up with members at official airsoft events etc. Lastly, the most important quality we need in our members is trust. This is purely a trust club in the sense that if you sign up for an event, we trust you to turn up. We don't want to have forced deposits in place because that can deter people away, but if people don't turn up to an event the club will end up losing money.
  4. @L3wisD Thanks man, yeah I didn't actually realise about the Aldershot one until someone mentioned it. That's basically the area I live in which is pretty cool. And thanks for the heads up about Red Alert, I'll definitely look it up! I think another idea with the whole club thing as well is to get a roster of friends as well though. We can tour around the different sites but if we has a club it means we can meet up with the same people at different places more often which sounds like a pretty cool idea.
  5. @springs agreed man. Well there are two other pretty awesome looking over in Reading. An indoor mall and another outdoors woodlands. So yeah I think the plan is mix it up a bit. Get a tour of what the different places offer. If I may ask, what airsoft sites do you use? Thanks
  6. Good thing I didn't use ZeroIn then! =D In all serious though if this goes down well the full credit goes to this site. That is a promise! Question though, there's a team section on here. https://airsoft-forums.uk/index.php?/forum/47-teams/ Doesn't that feature team websites in those posts as well? That's what gave me the idea about it.
  7. @PT247 That's a good shout about the facebook idea tbh. Will definately implement that. Thanks! It's true that there is one site close to me, but the reason I have it set as southern at the moment is because I need to confirm that said site would be happy with the regular private events plan. It says that they support private events so I don't see why not. But I didn't want to falsely advertise a site straight away incase their answer is otherwise. I'd be happy to go to slightly further sites as well though if we got enough members who wanted to do those areas. @proffrink thanks very much for your understanding, I didn't realise I was promoting it as a forum. It's just a part of the site that came preadded to it but I don't really have any intentions in it getting used unless people were to ask for it. I promise I won't mention it outside of this thread again! Thanks Thanks for all your help guys! I'll let you know how it turns out if the plan goes forward!
  8. I suppose the idea with a club would be to try and cater to the members involved so for us we would probably run a weekend one and a weekday evening one. I'm guessing with your circumstance you may be luckier geographically having available sites closer to you as well. I would suspect there are many people like you that wouldn't feel the need in private games in that sense, but for other people like me that don't have many sites at a decent distance it does feel like a much more beneficial solution. I only have one site in close proximity to me that seems to run a normal event once a month so that is the main reason why I was considering this. I get where you're coming from with the use of this website idea and I'd agree that it would work out better using this in the short term. But I do think that having a private site for private club events all with its own dedicated members section and calendar would end up being much more effective in the long run. True that no one actually knows it exists yet, but if I supposedly posted the site onto different airsoft forums for interested parties to check out i'd imagine it would eventually grow and work it's way up the google search result list. Can also put out some ads for it in newspapers or something. That's how the badminton club got started.
  9. @warlord @PT247 I totally agree with you guys that it would be a pain to get people to attend and all that stuff, it happens all the time. My thoughts are that a strong community would need to be built up before events started rolling out anyway to ensure that enough members would turn up etc. I'm currently a member of a badminton club and the way they do it is using a website with events that members can apply towards which in turn sends a direct email to your registered address reminding you of it. Keeping this idea in mind, I thought i'd create a website just to test this theory out. It might not work, but i figured lets just see what happens since it only took a few minutes to make. If you get a chance, have a read of the homepage http://southernairsoft.clanwebsite.com/ and let me know of your thoughts specifically to my idea on how events would work. I guess the main selling point in getting members for this club would be that the more members you get, the cheaper the event admissions would become. With regards to the whole non-refundable deposit idea, on one side I kinda agree, but i feel that not including such a thing is another selling point and desirable feature to a member, therefore it would probably end up coming down to trust that a member would turn up. However as mentioned before, if we waited until there were plenty of members registered to run an event, it will greatly increase the chances that members numbers would be ok. That's just my two cents on the whole idea though tbh. Feel free to critise me on it. =) Thanks
  10. Good Afternoon Everyone, So i'm getting into airsoft but the closest place to me which is Gunman Eversley only runs a normal event once a month so I had a thought. I am aware that many sports have private clubs created by random individuals such as badminton, tennis, football, etc. It usually involves the organiser hiring a court, field, etc. for a evening and then getting the members attending to pay him back. I'm wondering if it would be possible to apply this same logic to airsoft? I am currently asking the Eversley site if that's something they support, but if I were to set up a club like that to run every week or two on a weekday evening do you think that would be successful? Additionally, even if it were possible, do you think a club in such a sport would actually work in financial terms? Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! C.M
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