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  1. Looks good Nick, classic 416 is such a nice looking gun. My custom Airsoft M4 started life as a G&P Century and I have since changed many of the internal and external parts in order to create what I hope is a more unique looking M4. You can see it in action in this video:
  2. Luke9K

    Luke9K Airsoft Videos

    Dude gets hit in the nuts by a stretcher
  3. Nice channel ad dude. Well edited with the music.
  4. I have a 50mm one of these and a 35mm, they're great cameras. Runcam do a 4K version now as well, although 4K seems like over kill to me and it doesn't come with the same casing I believe.
  5. Luke9K

    Luke9K Airsoft Videos

    Making use of stealth to eliminate enemy players.
  6. I like it. You've done well with headcam footage alone. Using more than one camera would improve the video though I believe. Scopecams are good to help see the hits and a selfycam helps to show what kit you have and what stance your using at the time, although it's a bit like 'hey look at me, I'm cool', it does look better in videos and it is what people want to see IMO. It's more interesting to watch as well I would say, when you can break the footage up with the different camera angles. Your footage looks good though and the camera is set up well as far as I can tell, the editing seemed nice too. I am no expert in these matter though.
  7. I'll give them a try at some point, I've still only tried a small number of anti fog solutions.
  8. Luke9K

    Luke9K Airsoft Videos

    Some headshots and a nice kill streak recorded during a single day of Airsoft.
  9. I fog up with anything I've tried, it's mostly shooting style glasses and sunglasses like 5.11 Shear, some Jack Pyke shooting glasses, budget bolle glasses, Oakley Crankshaft and several others. Tried mesh, but didn't like how it makes my vision a little darker. I'm now using Valken Zulu thermal lens goggles, they're like a cross between goggles and glasses and they're the best eye pro I've used for fogging by a long way. I can still fog them, especially with face pro on at the same time, but they take so much more before they fog that it affects my game much less when I use them.
  10. Luke9K

    Luke9K Airsoft Videos

    Counter sniping and long range kills using my upgraded TM 417 NGRS with a 50mm Runcam Scopecam and TM G18C as backup.
  11. Luke9K

    Luke9K Airsoft Videos

    I get a bit of a kill streak going with some sneakiness using my modified M4 with a Runcam Scopecam. This video is highlights from a single day playing at Ground Zero Airsoft in the United Kingdom.
  12. TM 417 that I've converted to a DMR. You can see some pictures of the internals and footage of it being tested on a 60M range using a 50mm Runcam Scopecam at 3 mins in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9TiieEv-oQ
  13. Luke9K

    Luke9K Airsoft Videos

    Lots of kills and objectives completed as I work with a group of players on my team to dominate the enemies. Playing at Ground Zero UK on a free roam Sunday game.
  14. Luke9K

    Luke9K Airsoft Videos

    Some sneakiness is required as I try to launch attacks against a dominate team. Kill streaks, funny moments and a few fails in these highlights from a single day playing at Ground Zero Airsoft UK on their Christmas game day.
  15. Luke9K

    Luke9K Airsoft Videos

    I get shot in the face at close range demonstrating why full face protection is recommended in Airsoft
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