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  1. Luke9K

    Luke9K Airsoft Videos

    I get a bit of a kill streak going with some sneakiness using my modified M4 with a Runcam Scopecam. This video is highlights from a single day playing at Ground Zero Airsoft in the United Kingdom.
  2. TM 417 that I've converted to a DMR. You can see some pictures of the internals and footage of it being tested on a 60M range using a 50mm Runcam Scopecam at 3 mins in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9TiieEv-oQ
  3. Luke9K

    Luke9K Airsoft Videos

    Lots of kills and objectives completed as I work with a group of players on my team to dominate the enemies. Playing at Ground Zero UK on a free roam Sunday game.
  4. Luke9K

    Luke9K Airsoft Videos

    Some sneakiness is required as I try to launch attacks against a dominate team. Kill streaks, funny moments and a few fails in these highlights from a single day playing at Ground Zero Airsoft UK on their Christmas game day.
  5. Luke9K

    Luke9K Airsoft Videos

    I get shot in the face at close range demonstrating why full face protection is recommended in Airsoft
  6. Thx for the info. Yeah, I've heard good things about the standard v2 gearbox ones and I've been interested in getting one for my G&P M4, but it's working pretty well as it is, so I haven't felt the need to part with the cash. However, the recoil shock ones have come out just as I was planning on opening up my TM for some other work, so I'm considering it.
  7. Nice looking, new bit of kit. I'm planning on getting one for my TM 417 DMR build, just wondering if anyone has used/installed one yet and if they like it or not? I really can't afford it, but I'll probably get one anyway. 😕 Thanks.
  8. Luke9K

    Luke9K Airsoft Videos

    High action, woodland, objective retrieval gameplay recorded at Ground Zero Airsoft UK. I get a few kills and retrieve several objective items in this approx 50 vs 50 player game.
  9. Luke9K

    Luke9K Airsoft Videos

    Epic woodland kill streak followed by some intense urban combat in this Airsoft footage captured at Ground Zero Airsoft UK and South Coast CQB.
  10. Hi all. I will post any YT videos that I make here: Playing the Objective: Gameplay recorded at Ground Zero Airsoft. For the first minute or so of the vid, I am using my custom M4 and for the remainder of the video, I am using my TM 417 next gen recoil with scope cam. This is my first airsoft video. i hope you like it.
  11. Hi all. Been playing airsoft for years but, never signed up to this forum until now. I am a regular at Ground Zero Airsoft UK. I am mostly here for inspiration on load and to check out some gun tech stuff.
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