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  1. Airstock Gen 2 advice.

    That is brilliant. You are right the Mancraft stock is not half as ugly as the Redline. I like your thinking on the mechanical trigger too. Less to go wrong especially given our lovely British weather. I look forward to seeing how it goes once it's finished.
  2. Airstock Gen 2 advice.

    I like the idea of the HPA Airstock and fancy building up a semi auto AR from one. So now I am looking for a little inspiration. If you are to build up an AR from this HPA stock what bits would you use and why? Thanks
  3. GBBR/HPA New Law Issues?

    Possession of a Section 5 Prohibited Weapon with out propped authority was the last time I looked a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years if prosecuted. There is a few incidences where the police have confiscated unlicenced weapons and never brought prosecution but it's rare. I am only using the word "Weapon" as this is the terminology used in the legislature though in essence an airsoft gun is not a weapon as it's not intended to harm.
  4. GBBR/HPA New Law Issues?

    I know with air guns there is no set definition on the format the tests the police will do and could adjust settings and use other ammunition whilst testing. The justification for this is that the wording from the legislation of power limits uses a very ambiguous word "capable" yet does not define this. In general these days on air guns any adjustment will be hidden or restricted so not to be bale to go over. For example regulators will normally be internally shimmed so the only way to adjust them is to dismantle them. They will also always be set below the limit so if another average pellet is used it would still be below the limit.
  5. Hello to all.

    Hello to all, I live on the North Yorkshire / North East boarder and have joined the forum with the hope to find a skirmish site or two relatively local.