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    EDcase reacted to Gepard in What is with people sitting on an item you've bought and paid for over a week ago and   
    No it wasn't anyone on here and I did attempt contacting them a few days before the dispute to no avail. 
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    EDcase got a reaction from StayOnTarget in If a guy I did some tech work for offered me his Magpul PDR-C for a discounted price   
    I have the same weakness when it comes to grabbing bargains
    Some questions I ask myself in this situation:
    - Will you use it?
    - Does it perform well/properly?
    - Will it hold its value (Hard to say I know)
    - How many banks will you have to hit  
    I can usually convince myself to get it if its a good price just by thinking, "If I don't like it I can sell it without losing anything and maybe even make a slight profit"
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    EDcase got a reaction from Game Cam in I was absolutely heartbroken last night. I got my WE GBB Thompson back from the shop   
    Sorry to hear. Have you checked if that's a common problem with em?
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