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  1. Bough a g&g sr30 off here, fnx45 back in October, mags, sights, stock and grip, kydex custom holster, sling, frv belt (awesome)... Still waiting on a m300 surefire clone from Ali...
  2. apparently he had the torch in his mouth and a bit of salvia short circuited it and boom. Not sure on the specs either but imagine it must be the olight batteries themselves
  3. In case you weren't aware, there have been reports of olights exploding recently.
  4. I've been watching a lot of T-rex arms and Garand Thumb etc. due to lockdown boredom and it's nice to see them bringing airsoft into the real steel world. with ammo shortages in the US i've seen a lot of people moving over to airsoft to train with. I do feel like trex arms is training for the government collapse and/or invasion of the US...
  5. Such a prick with a god complex... Someone posted a video breaking down his clips where he blatantly misses and doesn't take his hits. Only people that watch him are kids that have never played the game...
  6. hadn't thought about being impaled.... i got the plastic one
  7. does anyone have one of these? i do wonder how strong they are. can see it snapping/deforming pretty quick... edit: just seen an aluminium version which i imagine would be better https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FMA-Airsoft-Shoulder-Mount-Sling-Fixed-Anchor-Hook-Clip-Molle-Chest-Rig-Aluminum-/123586709955
  8. Shipping times are all over the place atm. I've ordered a fair few bits over the past few months. Some have arrived in 10days, others in 25days. patience! sling mount arrived today that hasn't had a shipping update since the 21st of December! would recommend Vector Optics on there as well! very tidy
  9. i got one of these recently for my FNX with surefire x300. https://www.kydexcustomsuk.com/advanced-holsters/advanced-fnx-holster Works really well with the safariland ubl mount. would contact them directly to ask if yours is compatible it holds onto the light so luckily works with my glock too! Waiting on a frv tailoring shooters belt to attach to. I put a leg strap through as well like this
  10. I got the TM rds for my fnx45 and it looks super cool but like others have mentioned it takes time to develop the line of sight. The fnx uses raised irons which are visible through the rds anyway which kind of ruined the appeal. Took it off in the end
  11. These arrived today. Magnifier is crystal clear! Only wish I had gotten a 4x rather than 3x.
  12. What's your budget? Definitely worth getting a maple leaf hop up and nub for the cyma regardless. Easy and cheap
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