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  2. Billy

    Zero One lead the way for CS

    If I see a part and its not in stock, will they order the part for me?
  3. Billy


    I owned a dboys one years back, I couldn't really recommend it to be honest, it wasn't sturdy at all and the metal felt like some kind of alloy, a bit tinny. Ive heard better things about the Cyma model, its only £159. It's quite a bit cheaper in Taiwan gun, but it says "UK customers import weapons at their own risk", I never like the sound of that.
  4. Billy

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I brought a gletcher mosin nagant carbine. Its a rebrand of a wingun m44, didn't know that at the time, and I probably paid a 100% premium for the branding. Still liking it though, I know it's not technically airsoft but the OM is an airsoft company. My next buy will be a KWC tt33. Ive seen it for 50 right, and the gletcher rebrand is almost £150!