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  1. Time Left: 3 days and 2 hours

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    Selling my Dan Wesson, only been used twice on the field and a little in the garden, sadly has to go because I'm off to uni. The photo is a few months old but it hasn't been touched since. The revolver is in excellent condition and comes in the original box with extras as mentioned. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Will only sell if a valid defence and ID can be produced on collection/ arranged before posting. Socky

    85.00 GBP

  2. Socky

    Sale of RIF

    Hi everyone, I am currently selling my RIF revolver, but have encountered a problem that I cannot find an answer to on the forum as it is very specific. The buyer I am in contact with had a UKARA but it recently expired, however he has a UKPSA (United Kingdom Practical Shooting Associaton) competition licence, and also has an instagram with photos of him playing airsoft on, is this enough evidence to legally sell him this RIF? I am happy that he is definitely over 18, so this will not be a problem, I will also be seeing him in person so I can verify his identity. Thank you for your time, any advice will be greatly appreciated. Socky
  3. Socky

    1911 Pistol recommendations

    Thanks for the help, a few friends did recommend this to me: http://www.actionhobbies.co.uk/KWC-Cybergun-1911-Railgun-Co2-Airsoft-Pistol-Dual-Tone_A1YMYY.aspx#.WltWx6hl_IU I havent had much experience with KWC as a brand, are they any good?
  4. Socky

    1911 Pistol recommendations

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to purchase my first 1911 pistol but have had very mixed opinions on which brand to get, so my question is can anyone recommend a 1911 pistol/ brand? Here are my requirements: Budget: £120 (will pay extra for holster and magazines) -the more durable and reliable the better, I want a good stock pistol as i've had bad experiences modifying guns -definitely co2 powered -as close to 350fps as possible Thanks
  5. Socky

    UKARA clarification

    I have a question regarding my UKARA license, I will be 18 very soon (exciting I know) and have played airsoft every couple of weeks for the past 3/4 months, will this count towards my 3 sessions within 2 months or will this be reset when i turn 18 (so in effect you have to be 18 and 2 months before getting one)? Before anyone has a moan I have researched this fully and cannot find anything of this particular context. Thanks
  6. Yeah of course not, just people who own the gun, i found a few reviews of people who hate it and why, and vice versa for why they love it just to make sure i get a non biased view. One thing they all said is 90-100 rounds per co2, some pretty good efficiency, that's like 15 reloads haha
  7. I've watched a few videos and some reviews, and everyone says how strong it is on accuracy and its seems very good overall, maybe just a bad one?
  8. Cheers for the advice, will definitely make sure i do
  9. New idea for a skirmish site?? That would be so cool, probably make a lot too
  10. That's very true, however I have a small zip pouch which would be ideal for storing them in, plus I wouldnt expect to survive long enough to do many reloads haha
  11. It will be like watching a wild west film, 6 rounds 6 kills In all fairness though, i couldn't think of anything more satisfying that loading revolver rounds - especially out on the field
  12. @Lozart Thats absolutely perfect, I guess i'll just wait for it to come back into stock, thanks a lot! @AshOnSnow That's all part of the fun, I know it wont be all that practical only having access to 6 rounds before reloading, but I've been skirmishing for a while without a sidearm at all without any trouble, so its just a bit of fun. Thanks for the advice
  13. @Sacarathe @Lozart Thank you very much, I will definitely find a hop up version and also contact my skirmish site about CO2. I am still undecided about length as I dont mind either 6 or 8", depending on whatever I can get with hop up, The problem is, I like this style: http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-pistols/asg-dan-wesson-6-inch-high-power-airsoft-revolver-chrome.htm#.WXh5ZIgrLIU But all i can find with a hop up is this style: http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-pistols/asg-dan-wesson-715-6-inch-hi-power-airsoft-revolver-gun-metal-grey.htm#.WXh3eYgrLIU Is there any way of getting my style but with hop-up? either a custom job or online
  14. Hi everyone, I have encountered a problem when choosing my first sidearm, I really like the co2 Dan Wesson Revolvers but really have no idea where to start; I have been looking around, mainly on patrol base and I have found that some come with hop-up, and some don't, so my first question is: how essential is hope up for outdoor skirmishing? Will i regret buying one without hop? Then there's the issue of buying a site legal one and normal shells, or buying a regular high power one but using the power down shells (although site legal ones shoot ~300fps and power down shells on a regular one take it to ~200fps, which isnt ideal as I'd like to shoot as close to 350 as possible). Money is probably the most important for me, as I'd rather not spend another £20 just for the colour, but my preferences are as follows: -Money -Hop up (if this is going to be crucial) -Length (6" but I would settle for 8") -Colour (preferable black if i can find one, if not chrome or grey, but i hate the silver one) If anyone has any advice about these guns, previous experience with hop/not, or where i could find one closest to my specifications I would greatly appreciate it. (This isn't a post asking someone to search online for me, I have spent countless hours looking just need advice now) Thanks for your time.