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  1. Just ordered the same torch, what size disks did you order?
  2. Heard good things about the EPMs will probably save up and go for them! Not too fond on the look of the Amoeba mags
  3. I just bought a Krytac CRB and I am looking at some mid cap mags but I'm not sure what to go for e.g. What feeds well + fits well? I can't cope with sounding like a pair of maracas! Cheers!
  4. Just ordered some deans connectors thanks for the help!
  5. Pretty confident none of these are mini Tamiya would I be able to charge them with the crocodile clips? Could always require my batteries and aeg to deans but I don't want to invalidate the warranty!
  6. I have a selection just nothing that looks like it would fit a mini Tamiya. Im new to the whole battery thing looks like the cables provided are mainly suited to deans though.
  7. Did google it actually but from image search it seems to be different to standard female connectors, hence why I thought I'd ask the more experienced people on this forum who may even have the same charger!
  8. Sorry for the stupid question I have just bought the IMAX B6 and my batteries don't come until Monday so I just want to know whether I've got to order an adapter for the charger or not!!
  9. Could stretch to a Krytac if that's what you'd recommend! Just got my tax return so need something irresponsible to spend it on Is it actually possible to purchase a Krytac it seems they are out of stock absolutely everywhere!
  10. I am buying a G&G GC16 Warthog in the next few days and the recommended battery is a http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/new-products/giant-power-11-1v-1300mah-15c-lipo-crane-stock-battery.htm as there is a max of 15C discharge or it voids the warranty. I'm looking on hobbyking and ive found https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-nano-tech-2000mah-2s-15-30c-lipo-airsoft-pack-t-connector.html would this battery work and not damage the AEG? also would it fit? Also if anyone could recommend a good quality charger i would appreciate it greatly! (preferably from hobbyking) Thanks!
  11. I was looking at the G&G CM16 or GC16s anyone have any views on these seems to be very mixed? Was looking a bit more upmarket to the raider and the £250 budget was for the gun alone I have set aside money for other gear and I have my UKARA
  12. I know that there are multiple posts on the forum of this nature and I apologize but i have spent the last two or three days reading up on threads of this nature and i still cant seem to make my mind up between the following guns: Nuprol Delta Series - Recon Alpha G&G Combat Machine CM16 SRXL I have a budget of around £250 (can stretch if necessary) so if anyone has any recommendations that will blow these two out of the water feel free to let me know! I tend to play a mixture of woodland and CQB games and would prefer an M4 variant ideally. Thanks!
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