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    For sale is my tippman m4 returned to stock other than tracer mod, dwell mod, buffer spacer. Gun shoots well, i had a PDI barrel and DMR but ive taken that out as the barrel was 100 buy its self. I have ordered a new gun so please no trades unless its a nice TM shock :-) Gun comes in box, with tank, line, tippman mag. and i may put a scope in as well., Please message with any questions, below is a quick youtube i took, my basement is pack please dont judge :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-_DcONiSsY


    broadstairs, kent - GB

  2. Not a lot of experience I'm afraid, but I read a lot and get obsessed until things are the best they can be. I'm more than happy with the fps. As I say it's the inconsistency and range is poor. My garden in probable 30/50ft and it makes the back but is all over the place, my pistol has better grouping and shoots further as does but buddy's standard war machine ( that's a model down from mine) so mine should be improved. Most reviews say range is good although alongside accuracy. I'm not seeing it and I have played and played with hop up, different bbs. Cleaned barrel, tried lubeing barrel range is just naff. Im going to order new buking in case when it was jamming it busted .
  3. It's a cm16 SRL. This has a mosfet
  4. I have a new 11.1 lipo and a 1600 nimh both work fine, I even brough an expensive charger so I can se the voltage ect. Im the only one to take it apart as it's new, but I have not opened gear box, and I will wait until I get upgrades ordered or I'm waistimg my time. But whats the point buying upgrades if the gun is point blank shoddy . as said above I put it on the chrono and was consistent at 330 ish. I will take a video and post soon
  5. Not working at all for me so god knows how you done it
  6. I though the barrel bore added somewhat, especially for grouping? I have cleaned it and done all done all the above you mentioned. My fps is 330 as it should be with the SRL. Not really sure what you are trying to say there with regards to silicone? I can't return it as it was brough through a friend and is over the return period. Normally when I use it we are indoors so range is next to nothing, when I tried outdoors I noticed the appalling performance.
  7. So recently brought a CM 16 SRL and out of the box had a few jamming issues. I have now resolved that, but ive noticed in comparison to my buddy's combat machine my consistency is well off, my range seems poor, my pistol shoots further than the AEG. So I'm going to get a new barrel and maybe some bits for compression, maybe try the R hop but I'm useless at that fiddle stuff. Anyone got any ideas why my range is poor? 0.2 are dropping at 30ish ft. There is no more jamming, hop up and bucking seems ok. its all brand new, I wish I sent it back when I had the chance... Any links to the best/ correct upgrades would be appreciated. Thanks for those whom help.
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