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  1. Thank you. It's strips of a hessian sandbag held in place with some sniper tape. I wanted a different texture and finish to the paint. I'm really pleased with it.
  2. This is my first RIF. I've gone for a battle-worn/post apocalyptic look which I did myself, which will hopefully match my load out. This in turn will match my worn out and knackered body - so a complete match all round
  3. That looks good. I'm planning on just running a belt rig, I just can't decide on MTP, coyote or olive green. Decisions, decisions.....
  4. Hi all Just started. My son and I had our first experience with DTW Airsoft at their event in Northwold near Thetford on Sunday - got to say we're hooked (and a bit bruised) Looking forward our my next event and investing in some gucci kit.
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