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  1. Hi. Is this still available please?



  2. Paypal disputes don't force a reply, they automatically refund, leaving the seller in a pickle. I know this because the item in question in my case, was seen in the buyers vehicle After he had disputed and been refunded. Not sure if everyone is aware but paypal is approximately 80% automated. Just saying...
  3. Thanks for the info Monty. Ill have a poke about, see if I can find some bits for it. Oh, and thanks for your positive input Lozart, Ill be sure to pass that on to my ten year old son... Rob.
  4. Having been on both ends of a PayPal dispute, I would be inclined to say give the seller another week. Is he a private seller? Has he gone on holiday? Has his granny died?? Sounds daft I know but sh*t happens that we can't always control. Just my two penneth. Rob.
  5. I could dip them in walnut. Or any other hydrographic film of your choice. Finished with 2k clearcoat so VERY durable. Just saying Rob.
  6. Difficult to explain Ash. You have to kinda picture how the part is gonna go through the water and decide on the best direction and angle to go in at, making sure you don't create any air pockets at the same time. Rob.
  7. Hi all. Bought this for my son as a breaker, turns out it just needs batteries and a mag. Problem is, there are no maker marks on it so I don't know what kind of mag to buy. Bought one already but it doesn't feed correctly even after a little 'modification' Looks like it will make a nice little plinker for the back garden once it's done! Thanks in advance, Rob.
  8. Thanks Glock. I just laugh about it now but I guess if I worked out how much money I lost it would be a different story! RE the dipping, do yourself a favour and don't bother! It's waaay harder than youtube makes out! I have been doing it for about three years now and I'm still learning. The little P38 or whatever it is took me three attempts to get it right. Good job it's so small or I'd have binned it for sure! Rob.
  9. Couple I bought from a place that has 'BBGUNS' in it's name, straight out of the breakers yard. One CO2, one springer. Stripped and dipped in a week. Love the realtree but it's a pita. Digital camo was a sample I received. Nice stuff to use. Rob.
  10. Some twit decided to try raid the local post office with a sawn off. Armed response unit was given a tip off about me 'using semi-automatic weapons in my garden' (actually shooting my mate in the garden) They raided my house, found most my collection propped up by my bedroom window (shooting at spuggies the day before) SA80, UZI, M16, MP5, P90 and a Mossberg shotgun. Oh, and a Beretta on the window sill. When I picked up the Uzi to explain what they where, four hands went straight to holsters. Should have seen their faces when I dropped the mag and started popping 20's out all over the floor. Priceless... Anyway, they bagged and tagged everything and cautioned me for having imitation firearms. Being young and stupid, I never chased it up. The Desert Eagle was under my bed at the time, thank fook! I still wonder how long those lads had to do traffic duty for... Rob.
  11. No sarcasm intended Warlord. If there's ever a chance I can save myself from embarrassment, I take it Rob.
  12. Owned quite a collection back in the day. Rozzers took all besides this one. I did have 'before and after' photos but can't find the 'before' so it's borrowed from the interweb. Rob.
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