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  1. oh hang tight,.. how embarrasing that would be if i met you there ahah but yeah i do plan on going one day but i have no idea how to get started
  2. EXACTLY THATS HOW CRAP MINE ARE! though they are strangely accurate
  3. the guns i have barely cost me 50 for two ahahah but i got them for the hell of it. i knew that were shite
  4. and where or how would i start doing that i know NONE around here that plays or likes airsoft?
  5. right guys, because everyone is just so GOD DAMN certain i shouldn't get a sniper what would be your guys suggestion on how i can get started? suggest anything apart from protective clothing. i understand all of that
  6. sorry hang tight i really didnt mean to seem prickish earlier honestly
  7. ok warlord. i agree with that so much! id feel like a f*cking powerranger with a pink gun ahahah
  8. george... why wont it... because ill be respraying it back to its normal colour when i get it? (please remember guys i am a newbie)im new to most aspects of airsoft
  9. remember im not using it for in games ahah there would be no point in me going to a game with a sniper. i wouldnt live long enough to play ahah
  10. warlord i just said i would respray over the two tone when i got it ahah
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