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  1. andy87

    new player

    thanks was unsure for so long to go it alone but defo going to do it. it looks too good to miss out on any longer
  2. andy87

    Greetings from Alloa (Newbie)

    brill cheers so much info ha kool i think might go here for first game looks really good venue are the hire guns good? do u have a side arm now aswell?
  3. andy87

    new player

    perfect thanks djben i think i will end up going aline been wanting to do it for so long but been nervoys to do it. well i sure do have that so that will get me thro the day rather than my bad aim ha
  4. andy87

    new player

    haha glad u did
  5. andy87

    Greetings from Alloa (Newbie)

    just had a look at the players of war site looks good too and well good price was it hard to be come a UKARA member? do you need to take proof of who you are?
  6. andy87

    new player

    haha told you am a noob ha kool i will go on and have wee read anything else you think i should know before i make myself look like a bigger cock haha
  7. andy87

    Greetings from Alloa (Newbie)

    brill ive looked at it for years and none of my mates were intrested so i gave it a miss but just wanna give it a shot now. was looking at section 8 near shotts for my first game. have you played there? what is players of war? was it all diffrent games all day?
  8. andy87

    Greetings from Alloa (Newbie)

    hey mate am just about to go asked a few mates dont think any1 is really intrested ha how did u get on? did you go your self? was it better than expected
  9. hey any new players playing here on the 25th of june
  10. andy87

    new player

    thanks its always hard dont want to show up with nothing ha ive orderd those glasses thanks. now just need to try n see how i get on UKARA qualifying game what is that? is there like league tabels?
  11. andy87

    Looking to start airsoft in scotland

    hi did you manage to start playing yet am just looking into it?
  12. andy87

    new player

    thanks guys ive not even got any stuff i was going to hire see how i liked it then buy gun and so on how long have you all been playing? am from scotland
  13. andy87

    new player

    hi there just new to this havent played my first game as of yet. but looking to play on the 25th of june. trying to get a few friends together to go but few arnt digging it. is it weird if i show up myself?? random question thanks