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  1. Thanks you all for commenting. I've learnt many from experiences you shared. And Peltor/Sordin are the best(regardless of price).
  2. your outgoing sounds quieter because they use ztac stuffs, can't compare with Peltor.
  3. looks like sordin is good, but it's far over my budget, not possible to own one pair recently. my Earmor M32 works good as its price, the amplifying function is cool, just like simple version hearing aids XD
  4. I've tried Z-TAC, Peltor, now I've a Eamor, and it works well for me. not much reviews online, but you can give it a try.
  5. you have separate throat mic to to with headset w/o boom mic? good idea, i'm using a pair with boom mic.
  6. That was...I don't know, maybe you should get another one. My Earmor headset works well with PTT&radio.
  7. If the "WHAAAAT???!" means "You can't restore the 80% hearing system back to 100%", then it's "YES".
  8. Oh man you should get one now before your next action, hearing can't be recovered to 100% once it's damaged.
  9. Don't you need a boom mic to use with radio? Can't remember any mic-version of that, but other brands have. Having electronic headset and connect to radio with PTT, always tacticool for me!
  10. All of these electronic protectors do the same things: amplify weak sound(like voice,steps), mute loud noisy. I agree, hearing is more important than being tacticool. What about its actual working situation?
  11. There are some electronic hearing protectors, can connect with radios if have proper PTT. As far as i know, 3M peltor, MSA sordin, Z-TAC, Earmor. 2 Old&experienced 1 and 1 total new brand. It's surely tacticool with those hearing protectors. Anyway, why would you use electronic hearing protector? and why wouldn't?
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