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    TM chrome desert eagle, CA ISSC MK22 'not a scar', King Arms SVD-S AEG, WE Glock 35.
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  1. Awesome will keep that in mind. Looking at buying a SCAR now so should have that within a month
  2. iBacon good to hear from you too, will be appearing at these sites over the summer, was thinking of organising a trip to somewhere like the Mall or something with a few friends around August time
  3. Hi sarged I'm based in Norwich and have only been to CAG so far, will be appearing at BSA at some point when I have an assault weapon and not my DMR. Been in to the CAG shop today go in there a lot lately. Sean is a great guy, hopefully see you about soon bud at some game sites
  4. Thank you will give it a try, I know of a few that are dotted around.
  5. New guy here from Norfolk, played airsoft in the past but now taken it up seriously, got a regular site to play at but what other sites everyone using within a decent distance?
  6. Anyone in Norfolk on here? Looking to expand my play group and make new friends :) 

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    2. charliegsxr


      I've now done my 3 games at CAG filled in the paper work today. Sean is a really helpful guy 

    3. Iisjreg


      I was up at cag today. Was good fun!

    4. charliegsxr


      Oh really who were you? I was in MTP with a great jumper and a green rig on. Rented an M4 and only did the morning 

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