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    TM chrome desert eagle, CA ISSC MK22 'not a scar', King Arms SVD-S AEG, WE Glock 35.
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  1. charliegsxr

    Hi from Norfolk!!!

    Awesome will keep that in mind. Looking at buying a SCAR now so should have that within a month
  2. charliegsxr

    Hi from Norfolk!!!

    iBacon good to hear from you too, will be appearing at these sites over the summer, was thinking of organising a trip to somewhere like the Mall or something with a few friends around August time
  3. charliegsxr

    Hi from Norfolk!!!

    Hi sarged I'm based in Norwich and have only been to CAG so far, will be appearing at BSA at some point when I have an assault weapon and not my DMR. Been in to the CAG shop today go in there a lot lately. Sean is a great guy, hopefully see you about soon bud at some game sites
  4. charliegsxr

    Hi from Norfolk!!!

    Thank you will give it a try, I know of a few that are dotted around.
  5. charliegsxr

    Hi from Norfolk!!!

    New guy here from Norfolk, played airsoft in the past but now taken it up seriously, got a regular site to play at but what other sites everyone using within a decent distance?
  6. Anyone in Norfolk on here? Looking to expand my play group and make new friends :) 

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    2. charliegsxr


      I've now done my 3 games at CAG filled in the paper work today. Sean is a really helpful guy 

    3. Iisjreg


      I was up at cag today. Was good fun!

    4. charliegsxr


      Oh really who were you? I was in MTP with a great jumper and a green rig on. Rented an M4 and only did the morning