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  1. I've being thinking of parting with my Old Gen HAWG and looking to see what sort of price I might be hopeful for? Great condition, no rips or tears.
  2. Came to read a thread about a serious discussion about an incident that happened at a site. Instead it's a thread started by Notechincalabilitybuyingskill HPA operator posting a photo of their generic RIF with the intent of purposefully assaulting kids. Good troll or pancake. Would not read again.
  3. bop

    Oakley M Frame 3.0

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    Oakley SI M Frame 3.0 with TR45, TR22 and VR28 lenses. All complete with original boxes. Supplied with Oakleys Anti Fog cleaning solution with Microfibre pouch. Oakley SI MultiCam Ballistic M-Frame Case. Holds frame with lens as well as two other lenses. Annoyingly a little metal tab on the puller broke and was fixed with Epoxy - does not interfere with the working operation of using the puller. Apart from the issue that happened with the puller on the case which is fixed, everything is in excellent condition as I have only wore them for a few wearing's since getting them not long ago but I'm looking at getting a set of prescription shooting glasses so selling these to help cover cost. Hopefully I've priced these for sale at a fair price considering the cost of getting the items here from the States.I am looking £200 or best offer.


  4. bop

    US Forwarder

    What was the deal with exemptions, I do vaguely remember you could purchase upto and including $100 dollars worth of item(s) excluding shipping that was ITAR export restricted. Anything over technically needed special export permissions and whatever else. Brownells US were ones that used to do that whilst most retailers said no from the off. I don't see this item being restricted, its not a US Defense related item. It's for safes and marketed as such I believe and its only $60 so should be under that limit not that it matters as the maker of is quite happy to send it to a forwarder so... Must not really be an issue, just some retailers being retailers and not wanting to deal with the hassle of international shipping 😁 I shall see what one retailer who is prepared to send it directly via USPS or the like is due to get back to me later in the week with another retailer prepared to send to a forwarder so I have enough options open to me currently.
  5. bop

    US Forwarder

    If I knew someone in the US I would have already went down that route but sadly I don't know anyone ☹. Only know a few in Canada but that doesn't help. Import costs and controls into Canada make it a non starter and ridiculous cost to ship from Canada.
  6. bop

    US Forwarder

    Will do rocketdogbert, the price of the item is at a price point were I don't mind taking a chance on trying out a forwarder if it comes to it. It's a kit for storing items better within a safe M_P. Definitely not available on the Asian market and not sold outside of the US. No E21a, the retailers will not send it outside of the US by direct shipping for whatever reason (Export paperwork/hassle?) and only a few will entertain sending it to a forwarders address.
  7. I am just curious to know if anyone has used one of those US forwarders - MyUS or stackry for example? Reading through the reviews would make me run a mile but there is usually always going to be more posted negative reviews than positive - then the issue of what's real and what's fake. I am looking at an item in the US, usually I wouldn't have bother getting items from across the pond but I am having difficulty with this item. I have managed to find one retailer willing to ship direct to me but it's not definite as it depends on inventory availability and their shipping cost. All the other retailers I have tried will only send within the US but will send it to a forwarding companies address. Last resort option is to use one of those forwarder type companies.

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    New Oakley M Frame 3.0 TR45 Prizm lens, surplus to requirement so up for grabs - £50 posted or best offer.


  9. Forgot about this, so a quick update for anyone interested. Used DZCT as suggested by Warlord (Thank you Gave them my requirements (Needed a hidden slit at the back to allow wiring to come out of the slit into the side of the cut out in stock and a zipped top) and measurements, and in no time they produced this lovely little pouch to hold my brick Lipo. Even took it back to adjust the straps for me.
  10. Does anyone know and can recommend anywhere in the UK that makes custom made gear? I'm looking to get a pouch made similar to an M4 pouch but with a few tweaks and size for my need. I know Jtac used to do custom work, but I am looking for other possible options as well. Thanks.
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