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  1. but…..but….but that’s a black gun, and by your own admission you don’t start playing until later this month? 😱😱
  2. Nope, TM gas routers don’t fit WE nozzles very well, but WE gas routers fit TM nozzles just fine. You can fit Nineballs if you want, but I wouldn’t bother
  3. Glad you’re getting there. Can you bend the take down bar spring open more to put more pressure on the take down bar?
  4. It sounds like it’s not assembled correctly, BUT they are never a direct fit. Which mag release have you used? The G22 mag release is different to a standard release with the metal insert. Take down lever only goes one way, (ramp facing forward) and it needs to sit on its spring correctly, is the spring correctly installed? I wouldn’t have sanded the front rail, I’ve built dozens of TM based Glocks and have never needed to. Recoil spring sounds odd, got a picture? In fact, some up close hi definition pics would be very handy (of everything)
  5. Yes, a low capacity 11.1 that fits in the grip. If you move to deans connectors you’ll get a bit more room. Then decide a GBB Is what you really want and buy a KWA 🤪
  6. define best? Cheapest? WE Value for money? WE metal slide? VFC (Umarex) Best performing? TM, by a country mile
  7. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004523567836.html
  8. I bought a clone EOTech VUDU 1-6x LPVO from AliExpress. First focal plane, and it’s very, very nice. First reticule picture is 1x mag, it’s a true 1x and works just like a red dot Second picture is 3x Third is 6x (I couldn’t get it in focus, but it’s about a 2-3moa dot with windage and elevation markers)
  9. Came here to post that, Patrol Base selling new for £120
  10. It’s a nice looking pistol, but they’re only £120 new https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/double-eagle-janus-division-group-polymer-80-pfs9-gbb-pistol
  11. The TM block is the movable safety, Guarder doesn’t have them usually
  12. Trackdays have been that way for years, you have to sign a detailed legal disclaimer, it’s a great idea.
  13. Yup, they’re renowned for it. They refuse to import the Sig MSR scopes as well, as they make more per unit in the high-end non MSR’s. I emailed Sig US and there response was essentially “so what, we don’t care” 🤷🏼‍♂️
  14. rocketdogbert


    Is this the same scope that’s £89 new? https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/vector-optics-victoptics-agn-1-6x24-sfp
  15. Brilliant, well done. Nothing like fixing your own gun 👍🏻
  16. I’ve run plastic, normal Guarder cast metal Slides and CNC aluminium slides with no issues
  17. I don’t watch vids really, you mean the gap around the front frame post. Sure, fill it with resin if you like, won’t do any harm. I’ve never had one break, but I’ve never run a steel slide either lol
  18. What hole? I’ve never needed to reinforce a Guarder frame 🤷🏼‍♂️
  19. From the visible hammer assembly it doesn’t look like it has notches on the underside of the rails to hold the slide on. You may we’ll have to use Nuprol white gas or equivalent duster gas, or put an metal slide on it
  20. What do you mean standard gas, no such thing lol. What gas are you using? Polymer slide?
  21. Depends what shotty you have and how you fill it with gas now. Easiest way is replace the gas inlet valve with an HPA tap, get a line, a regulator and a bottle and plug it all in
  22. They tried the manufacturers, won in the US but lost in Japan, that’s a big reason TM don’t officially export anything
  23. Easy target isn’t it, the great US of A beats the nasty Chinese fakers lol To be honest, I’m amazed they don’t make fake RS Glocks, it’s such a simple design
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