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  1. Glad this thread has been useful for other people aswell lol.
  2. You should be ok then, otherwise its going to be a long day of bayonet charging lol.
  3. Wow thanks for this very informative reply. This helped clear a few things for sure.
  4. I got given a 7.4v lipo battery however one of the cells is completely flat showing 00.0v. The other cell is almost fully charged at 4.19v. How can one cell drain so much on its own? Should they not discharge at a similar rate? Why does this happen? Also is this battery done with or can I recharge it safely? Cheers
  5. Id like to use a connector so i don't have to de-solder every time i open the gearbox. This gun is sort of a project and so I am opening the gearbox frequently. I could buy a different buffer tube that allows deans to pass through(probably easiest option), but so long as as the bullet connectors don't a add significant amount of resistance and reduce trigger response and ROF then I will just use them. Cheers
  6. Its to do with the buffer tube really and not having a connector would mean having to de-solder every time I open the gearbox. This gun is sort of a project and so I am opening the gearbox frequently which is why I need a small connector. I guess purchasing a different buffer tube that allows Deans to pass through may be the best option. My current buffer tube is a single piece with the washer inside being permanently welded in position. This means only small connectors can pass through though. As long as the bullet connectors don't a add significant amount of resistance and reduce trigger response, ROF etc. then I will just use them. I definitely will shorten those trigger cables too.
  7. I dont know much about electronics.... Im looking for a connector that joins the wiring from the rear of my gearbox(V2) and another wire into the buffer tube which connects to the battery and mosfet. Are spade connectors or bullet connectors better?(I have very limited space in my buffer tube so i cant really go bigger) I have both 2mm bullet connectors and 2.8mm spade connectors available to use. Will either of these cause a noticeable issue or lack of performance compared to using deans and can they handle the amp draw of my AEG? Any negative consequences to these connectors? Im running a SHS high torque motor(16Tpa), 7.4V battery on Deans connectors, Gate Mosfet ASR, 16 AWG wiring. Cheers
  8. Thanks for all the advice. Definitely going to take my time and be careful on this one. I presume the safest option would be to dissemble gearbox and trace the wires because of the risk that some circuits can show resistance or continuity through the pcb circuitry?
  9. The owner is a friend of mine but he is absolutely clueless when it comes to anything technical. This is something I think I can do so I may invest in multimeter or just disasemble gearbox like you said. Multimeter sounds like the easiest option to me though.
  10. I am a noob when it comes to electronics and circuits etc. I have an ARES AMOEBA and the tamiya connector has fully detached. I cannot remember which way on it goes and the wires are not labelled positive and negative(silver wiring). If i put it on the wrong way will it cause damage to the guns electronics etc? The amoeba has an electronic trigger so Im just worried about re-attaching it and breaking something. BTW - cant put deans on cos its not my gun. Any advice or help would be much appreciated.
  11. Hey, Quick question here looking for some advice. I'm looking at Abbey Silicone grease for inside my cylinder head but it seems so expensive for such a small amount. Are other non airsoft brands good to use such as car lube silicone grease ? (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Silicone-Grease-Multi-Purpose-Grease-Water-Repellent-lubricates-Protects-20g-/391723226452?epid=1013266347&hash=item5b34861554:g:WH4AAOSw32lYuDzY) What lubricants do you guys use for your guns ? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks
  12. Ok thanks. Also, do you think a sector gear delayer chip would be necessary for this build (SHS HT, 18:1 gears, M100 spring, 11.1V Lipo, Mosfet) ??
  13. Hey Im making a build for some good trigger response and decent rps. Rate of fire is not too important to me but Im mainly looking for trigger response. My current V2 has a pretty poor trigger response due to crappy G&G motor(combat machine). Im also getting a Mosfet and Deans connectors, leaving 18:1 gears in for now. Which motor should I get ? SHS high torque(16tpa) or ZCI high torque(22tpa) ? Any other recommended motors? Cheers
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