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  1. Adam S

    ICS cxp

    Willing to include the PEQ Battery Box? (for extra of course). Also what battery did you use with it?
  2. Willing to part with just upper B? *nvm just noticed the second listing* I'd be interested in just that
  3. So i've decided it's time for my baby to have an upgrade (i'm currently running an ICS CXP-16 L fully stock which only fires at 280fps for some reason) and although I trust myself with certain aspects of techhing, I can't risk doing more difficult parts such as installing a mosfet, shimming the gears etc given my inexperience. This means I must look to find professional help and was wondering if you guys could recommend anybody. I've already looked at KingdomOfAirsoft and might end up using him but wanted to make sure I knew all the options before making a decision. Many Thanks A
  4. God that sounds like a lot of work... guess I could though if i have time.... Hold on 'RealSteel' isn't a brand? It's for real guns? huh... didn't know that
  5. Hi guys This may seem like a stupid question, but i'm looking to get furniture for my AEG and i'm finding that different shops have completely different stocks, handguards, grips and various other parts when compared to others. I.e. patrol base has lots of Magpul and Ares but Fire support has lots of Classic Army and ASG. I was wondering if there was a comprehensive list of all the furniture that is available from all airsoft manufacturers, it kinda sounds like wishful thinking but such a list would be very helpful for my endeavours. Fire support has a pretty good/expansive choice of parts but i'd like to make sure I know every option before I make my choice. Thanks .A
  6. This is really great, thanks!
  7. Hi guys, just wondering what parts I could upgrade in my stock WE G18C to maximise its performance. Everything from FPS to range and accuracy. I have a rough idea but my speciality is with AEGs not gas guns so any advice would be great. Thanks
  8. So I recently bought this -> https://www.airsoftworld.net/swiss-arms-sar10-co2-gas-vsr-black.html , thinking it would be a pretty cool first sniper for someone looking to get into airsoft sniping. But I took it to my local site and it turns out that they don't allow C02 snipers because the FPS is too variable...... now, am I screwed or can I convert it to a spring system instead of a gas one? I can easily remove the bolt, cylinder and such which leads my to think that i could just insert a spring system as a substitute but i'm not sure. Any advice would be great as i'm obviously quite new to this <3
  9. I have the same then, all but the stock are metal
  10. Is that the same thing? Thanks again!
  11. Yeah i thought that might be the case, the site i play at do it for you if you hit over 350 when they chrono. One thing though is that i've spent the last hour looking and all of the M110 springs are out of stock... plenty of M120s but none of the above... guess i'll have to wait
  12. Hi there As the title says i'm looking to upgrade my CXP-16 as i'm starting to get seriously into airsoft. Last Chrono'd it was shooting around 280 on .2s (with a 1600mAh 9.6V nunchuck battery) which is pretty pathetic and i've just noticed upon closer inspection on the ICS website that imports into the U.K get automatically downgraded to get beneath the 350fps legal limit..... probably should've checked that pre-purchase. They did this by instead installing a M100 spring (instead of an M120) and an Infinite 2500 Motor (instead of a Turbo 3000). Given this, does it mean that if i were to upgrade the motor/spring I wouldn't have to get better gears, spring guides etc since the ones inside are already designed to work with a better spring/motor? Anyway, i'd like to upgrade it both internally and externally to get as close to 350fps as possible while also increasing range. I don't mind about increasing ROF as it's already quite high (don't have a specific number but it's faster than any other stock AEG i've seen) What internals would you guys suggest getting (I don't really have a budget as i'll be running this as my main for quite some time), bearing in mind that it has a split-gearbox design (would this affect compatibility with different internals?). From what i'd gathered key things to get are: a 6.03 Tightbore barrel a better spring and motor (if i get an M120 will it likely be too powerful and go over the 350fps limit?) better hop-up metal bushings? (how do I know if I already have these since i'm not yet comfortable taking apart the gearbox) A large problem is that I can't for the life of me find a concise part list of what's already inside it (as shown by my not noticing the downgraded internals) this means that a large number of the potential upgrades could already be stock (metal bushings/spring guide, piston head etc.) Photos were too large to post here to uploaded them to Imgur - Ignore the two-tone..... I wasn't old enough to apply for UKARA until now so I had to make do...... What externals would be compatible with it? For example, i'd been looking into getting http://www.actionhobbies.co.uk/Ares-Octarms-Tactical-Keymod-Rail-Handguard-12-Black_A21AFH.aspx#.WOpjrWnyuUk to replace the stock RIS/RAS kit and http://www.actionhobbies.co.uk/ICS-MTR-ABS-Carbine-Stock-Black_A21GTU.aspx#.WOpj_WnyuUk to replace the current crane stock (currently where the battery resides so how would I go about rewiring it to accomodate the new stock?) As you can tell i'm very new to teching so any tips/advice you can give would be really helpful. Many Thanks - Adam
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