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  1. Haha! I do spend a lot of time on here to see what is trending in the airsoft community, we aim for your RIFs to "blend in" at the field rather than stand out, otherwise our camo is useless haha! We look forward to hearing from you buddy, thank you for considering us!
  2. Hello StealthHunter, I'm the proud owner of S.C.C, I'm glad you are considering us! All our painters hold a minimum of City & Guilds NVQ Level 3 in Vehicle Body Repair & Paint which is the highest UK qualification available in such field, we take around 5 days to complete a project but can work on multiple RIFs at a time, we will be able to complete all 7 guns for you within 14 days, are you looking at our bespoke disruptive grass pattern or one of our other camouflage patterns? We also need to know the condition of the RIF exteriors for an accurate quote as some require a little extra work to get them to the quality we demand before returning to the customer, please message us direct on our Facebook page with details of each RIF you would like painting along with photos of any damage each may have so we can quote you accurately! Thank you for considering us and we look forward to hearing from you!
  3. It's a long barrel AR (CYMA 069) so definitely more cumbersome than a pistol lol
  4. I was thinking it would be handy for semi CQB as you could transition from long gun to pistol for tight spaces without having to worry about the end of your gun getting beaten up on stuff, literally just like a retracting chord you clip on your rig or belt and when you rest your gun it would fall in tight to you instead of swinging around on a 1 point sling
  5. Damn, neither are quite what I'm looking for, I remember watching a video of someone at SHOT show and someone was demonstrating exactly what I'm after, forgot which ruddy video it was though
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking for a retaining sling that when I let go of my rifle to transition to a sidearm, it will automatically pull the front of the gun up onto my osprey vest out of the way, any ideas?
  7. *Update* Prowin hop unit Prometheus purple bucking and nub JBU FFF 6.01 tight bore Thinking next will be a Titan mosfet, get the gearbox shimmed, ceramic bearings, maybe even DSG it hmm.
  8. Prommy purple on the way, got a prowin ready to fit, should work well with my JBU FFF barrel, this CYMA is shaping up to be tasty.
  9. Was waiting for patrolbase to get them in to maximise on shipping costs but they never did.
  10. Cheers fella, was hesitant about ordering from places like that as I've heard there's a fair few knock offs kicking about, gonna get some ordered!
  11. If you check out some of my other topics I've started you'll see I binned off the nuprol (it was great for CQB but open ground showed a massive range issue) I've replaced it with a CYMA 069 that is my current project gun, so far I've put a JBU FFF barrel in it, got a prowin on the way, still trying to find somewhere with the Prometheus purple bucking and nub in stock, considering putting DSGs in and a Titan mosfet along with ceramic bearings and all the other gubbings, I also recently picked up a VFC hk417d tuned up by Kingdom of airsoft into a bloody tasty DMR, I was considering modding the nuprol instead but I wanted a full metal rifle instead of polymer, nuprol are good, there is obviously better out there but it was certainly a very reliable gun, never let me down once, I'd still recommend them to newbies, especially if they pick one up second hand!
  12. Tested it on Sunday and holy crap the range and accuracy is insane!
  13. Give one a go, pretty cheap too at £35 for a 407mm, excellent quality.
  14. The stock barrel was a 6.08 so that needed doing, as for bucking and nub they were freebies, I've heard and seen great things from the JBU FFF barrels.
  15. No worries, you got any recommendations? Upgrades so far. •JBU FFF 6.01mm fluted barrel •T.M black bucking & nub.
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