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  1. Hi does anyone know of a keymod handguard or possibly a wire cutter handguard that will fit on an Ics m4a1 preferably not overly expensive? fire support sell the Ics Keymod system but it's £111 I'm not overly fond of spending over a ton on a rail for my m4 as I didn't pay much more for the gun itself. I know Ics and g&p use a barrel nut no one elsr does and I'm not keen on re-threading the receiver either. any suggestions would be good or some sort of minor modifications are possible as I'm quite handy in that department. I'm looking to spend no more than £50 pound for the rail kit if that helps
  2. Anyone on here know where I can get a licensed metal slide and metal outer barrel for my marui m&p 9 , that's not an enormous amount of money. preferably same as stock one but metal with no fancy cutouts cheers.
  3. I would go for an Ics par M3 or Cxp UK1r both a tad over £300 but seem to be quite good, I wanted one of the above but my budget was lower due to having a baby and missus would be tapping her foot so went for and Ics m4a1 instead think most of them come with two hi caps too ..
  4. Wouldn't touch the spring as internals are plastic ( unless you up grade) but can cost more that the gun as Iv got a one myself and the sears would need doing. Just put a decent hop rubber and maybe a better barrel. fps isn't range at such it's just the speed / energy of the bb. It might giv you a tad more range but it's all about the hop up when trying to get better range hope this helps
  5. Tan Ics m4a1 awaiting delivery , kryptek mandrake top/bottoms/hat bout month ago... couple of h nubs and a set of magpul style flip up sights
  6. Depends on your budget there quite a few out there
  7. Ok so done ptfe tape on the airseal in the cylinder and hop. also done the tooth floss mod on the bucking and ended doing the Biro mod as a nub and electrical tape for a barrel spacer however the constancy is still poo but the gun has more power so will have to get hold of some .36 or higher and have a go
  8. Yer I will , as for the barrel spacers might be a pain as its got a flutted outer barrel which is tapered lol so that will take a few goes
  9. I didn't think so :/ I'm guna try a couple of different things , Biro, eraser and see what else works I think
  10. Ok how much you wanting ? And you got a picture ?
  11. Ok nice one I will have a look and see what results I get will let you know how I get on
  12. Yer it's stock done an air seal mod with ptfe tape on the cylinder thread and where the hop rubber meets the barrel and it slowly decreases with my finger over the barrel but where the nozzle meets the hop air escapes so guna buy a better cylinder head and hop rubber soon just need to sort this hop up issue out first really then I can progress with upgrades
  13. Forgot to mention I'm running it with lower power than most it's about 370 fps with .2 but I'm using .3 as my go too weight so don't need a stupid amount of hop as it would be too much
  14. Yer ok mate nice one
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