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  1. I went to two stores in London. B D U Imports Ltd - Culver Nurseries, Cattlegate Rd, Enfield EN2 9DS they have outdoor gear, but no any military clothing or camouflage stuff, they have no idea what airsoft is. Waste of time going there Aaron's Surplus - 43 Upminster Rd S, Rainham RM13 9YS The chaps there are very helpful, massive amount of stock and sizes. They have the store completely full of things, so it may be a bit tricky to find the right size but most of the time they may have it, it is just a matter of finding it I got a couple of bits from them, will try this weekend on the field and report back here
  2. These are the shortlisted stores then for me to try: Military Surplus stores Ranger - 10 Central Parade, London, Surbiton KT6 4PJ Aaron's Surplus - 43 Upminster Rd S, Rainham RM13 9YS Kentons Army Surplus - 3-3A Hythe St, Dartford DA1 1BE Silvermans - 422-426 Mile End Rd, London E1 4PE (reported to be expensive) B D U Imports Ltd - Culver Nurseries, Cattlegate Rd, Enfield EN2 9DS Military clothing online store TacTree http://www.military1st.co.uk I'll visit Enfield tomorrow and perhaps on my way back to south London try to squeeze the 2 stores in east London as well. I'll report my findings here and hopefully will help other people in the future
  3. Silvermans seems to have a large stock, I'll check them out as I can try many and then get my sizing correctly then. Bushcraft is in Enfield just where I have to visit a client tomorrow, so I'll pop by and report my findings here. The army and navy in east london so far I've read doesn't hold much stock, but I may pay a visit anyway if I go to Silverman as is a bit east as well. I didn't know about TacTree, thanks for the tip! I went to Pro Airsoft Supplies a few months ago when I started airsoft, they had a bit limited selection on clothing, when I tried some stuff there I could not get different sizes to try, they only had one or two sizes of the pieces I saw there. Wolf amouries is the bunker 51 in greenwhich right? I need to pay them a visit to check the games, will put a note to check clothing there too. Thanks for the tips on the clothing and sizing, that indeed makes a lot of sense to me now Added to my list, I'll check them out, thanks! Yep, I'll get my measurements and perhaps order stuff online from them to save the hassle, thanks!
  4. I'll try a few physical stores, just a shame they are mostly quite small with not a very good selection Thanks for the tip, I'll try to order a lot of stuff from them and return what is not good if I can't get what I want from a physical store. Just a bit of hassle with ordering different sizes and returning but I think I'm running out of options
  5. Hi guys, I'm looking for some good fit clothing as the stuff I bought online was a complete waste of time, sizing is all over the place. S from one place is nearly L from another, anyway. I would like to know if anyone would recommend some stores in London as the few I've been so far were awful with little/no stock. I'm looking for trousers with knee pads, ubac, chest rig and some other things. Thanks!
  6. Yeah, that sounds more like it, I think I was searching for the wrong thing. Found on ebay for £35, will give it a go. Thanks guys!
  7. Hey guys, I've just got one Secutor Gladius 17, the pistol looks really good and I'm on the lookout for a red dot for it. It is RMS compatible, but so far I've seen RMS red dots are around £300, completely out of question. I was hoping you guys have some suggestions on what I could use? URL of pistol http://www.secutorarms.com/gladius/38-secutor-gladius-black.html Thanks!
  8. It is similar to this one http://airsoft-club.com/shop/tactical-gear/goggle-glasses/es-style-tactical-turbofan-goggles-with-2-speed-black
  9. I'm thinking about buying a copy of a ess turbofan from china, I've see the guys testing the lenses with 500fps sniper from 15 feet and no damage, so I may give it a go
  10. Yeah, that makes sense, I'll try next time a headband to see if it sucks up some of the sweat I'm leaning towards the dye i4 or i5 as I want full face protection. I heard about people losing their teeth when hit, sometimes even with mouth shut so it is cheaper to get a mask then having to go on forced holiday to Romania to get my teeth fixed cheaper.
  11. the advancers can have the lenses a bit further than the frame giving a gap for air to flow, that seems interesting. I used last weekend one simular to ess ice, got completely just after 2-3 runs, could have been sweat dripping from my forehead for example, but it was impossible to keep going
  12. reading some reviews about the the Dye I4, it seems to be good, I'm tempted to try
  13. I also sweat may more than normal people do, I've been looking at full face masks from Valken http://www.valken.com/us-paintball/us-paintball-goggles but it seems it won't do the job I need a lot of air to fresh up otherwise I get really sweaty, so these fan options would be more suitable. the ess turbofan seems good but quite pricey
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