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  1. No worries buddy. Glad I could help.
  2. UK Tac actually have these in stock at the moment. Only know because I just bought the OD universal pistol which they have just restocked.
  3. Run around the house trying to remember where I put everything on the night before a gameday. Always forget something..... Last game my lipo batteries for my cm16. The game before forgot my boots. Game before that forgot my wallet. But realised halfway to site. Think a proper kit muster with check list is in order from now on.
  4. Pretty much mirroring the above advice but..... Definitely buy an 11.1v lipo for it. I bought a G&G wildhog a couple of months ago which has the mosfet/etu in it and in my user manual it recommends an 11.1v lipo battery. Well it gives you a part number which if you Google it, it comes up with an 11.1v lipo on G&G's website. (I think it's G&G's website... Can't remember really) either way it's an 11.1v 20c lipo battery. So that's exactly what I ordered for it. Works amazingly. Definitely much much better than the 9.6v nimh I tried it out with when the gun showed up on my door. Trigger response is epic and rof is, well, immense! I always change my battery out at lunchtime too. Especially as I'm a bit trigger happy on semi. As such my batteries always seems to be just above the mosfets voltage cut off limit by lunchtime. (just under 3.8v per cell) So yea! Get a lipo or 2 plus a decent charger. You and your gun will be much happier!
  5. Thats the one! Edited: found it and bought it. Many thanks. And I spent a while looking on ebay too...
  6. I found this website but unfortunately they don't have what I'm after... I will send them a message and see if they can point me in the right direction or even get hold of one. I found a couple in the US also but was worried importing one might be a problem. Thanks for your help guys. Much appreciated. Really was hoping finding something would be a bit easier but it appears not. Looks like I might have to think outside the box for this one. Might buy a dr sight on the standard 20mm rail mount and see of I can knock up a mount for my elcan at work on the milling machine. Or modify one. Cheers.
  7. Hey guys. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so move it if not. Anyway. I recently bought an elcan spectre 4x scope 2nd hand and would really like to add a red dot sight on top. For up close and personal situations, as per link below. http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-sights-scopes/we-europe-phantom-4-x-32-elcan-specter-doctor-sight.htm#.WOTkoZHTXqA After a few hours of searching all I can find is the mini red dots that fit 20mm rails but none that will bolt onto my elcan. I know, I know, it probably would have been easier to buy an elcan with the DR sight already fitted. but had to have to two tone one I bought (pic attached below) So does anyone on here know where I can purchase such a mount for my elcan to put a dr sight on or even a Dr sight that comes with the mount??? Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers. Robb.
  8. My wild hog. Not finished yet. But getting there.
  9. Hello fellow airsofters! Thought I'd take the time to make an introduction. Seems the polite thing to do. I have been lurking on this forum for a while and finally decided to sign up. Anyway my name is Robb. I come from down south. Near Southampton on the new forest to be exact. I've first stated airsofting about 7 years ago (yea getting into my 30's now) then unfortunately gave it up as changes in circumstances prevented me from going. So last year a mate of mine started to go to a local site to me. He knew I been airsofting some years ago and somehow after much (read none) persuasion managed to get me to go with him about 6 months ago. Dug out my ancient DE umg and went along. Absolutely fell in love with the hobby again. And barely missed a game since. Have since got my site membership, ukara sorted (again), bought a new gun, even done a 24 hour milsim event at my site (which was epic and difficult all at the same time!) Really looking forward to using the forum and hope I can contribute in time. Probably been talking long enough now so I'll shut up for now
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