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  1. Welcome fella, from another Yorkshire airsofter.
  2. Success After contacting game provider, they tracked down the owner. I gave my email and said to pass it on. Now waiting for contact. Apology for not doing that first.
  3. Well I did get in touch with game organizer, and they said that if anyone enquires they will pass on the details. So here goes: game date 5/2, Cerberus airsoft, site The Outpost. Just in case he's on here. And yes someone must have mistaken my bag with theirs. I use a MP7 AEG, a Beretta 92, and a Barrett M82. So they are no good to me.
  4. Hi guys, I have acquired 2 glock gas mags, after a day skirmish, were left in my bag. Contacted site operator, nothing. So my dilemma: gas mag have good tight seals. Should I dispose of them(read sell),or get myself the pistol that goes with it?
  5. Ayup fella, Fellow Yorkshire man a tad further than you, near Thirsk.
  6. I am based near Harrogate so I have both dishforth and flaxby only a stone throw away. Look at Northern Alliance and Cerberus Airsoft.
  7. As the title new member in Yorkshire saying hi.
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