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  1. Awisn

    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

    Do u guys wanna leave your steam name here so we can invite each other to squads /duos? I personaly have no1 to play with. Myself: pooranddrunk Edit: ugh, it's been a lkng day, just noticed most of u mentioned steam ids already, sorry guys
  2. Awisn


    Has anyone bought anything from them? I couldn't find any feedback on forum regarding them.
  3. Thanks guys for your help and time. I won't risk buying a two tone M14, I'll buy a two tone side arm instead and get the primary once my UKARA number is issued. Thanks again for sorting out my doubts!!!
  4. I'm not a child, rather than spending 15 pounds for rental times 3 I'd buy myself 3 extra mags. Would anyone have any knowledge on the actual subject of this topic?
  5. I'd like to say hello to all of You first, as I'm very new to this forum and airsoft as well;) To the point. I'm forced to buy a two tone gun as I do not hold UKARA nor I have any other defence. I love the looks of M14, CYMA's in particular, as the money/quality ratio is very good. Can I ruin the original paint by removing the two tone with some chems? Also the short version of the rife is covered by a grip like structure, is it possible that i could actually ruin that too? I'm planning to either buy a fake wood version or olive. I'd love to know your opinion guys, thanks!