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  1. bladerunner168

    Gun picture thread

    GHK platform TM Recoil platform
  2. bladerunner168


    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments: A no nonsense, zero hassle buyer who pays when they say they will
  3. I don't wash for a few days prior to a skirmish, you know, to throw the opposition of my scent...
  4. bladerunner168

    Is airsoft getting too expensive ?

    The original question posed by the OP is actually relative, in my view, Airsoft should be getting cheaper. Let's assume that you start Airsofting whilst still in education or just started work. You'll either be earning no money at all or your starting salary will be quite low. As you progress in your career, you get more qualified, you get more responsibilities and you should get remunerated more. Therefore, your Airsoft expenses should become smaller percentage of your net income, hence Airsoft become more affordable, relatively speaking. This theory is only applicable until you take an arrow to the knee.
  5. bladerunner168

    Radio/Comms technicians recommendations

    Hi Folks, I bought a bone conduction headset dirt cheap off ebay and I now need it wired to work with me PTT. Can anyone recommend any good radio/comms technicians? Cheers!
  6. bladerunner168

    Gun picture thread

    Started of life as a TM RECCE PTS Fortis REV RIS 12" Dytac 12" outer barrel Madbull Umbrella Corp pistol grip And then some SCAR love....especially in black
  7. bladerunner168

    Preferred room entry techniques

    War of attrition method: Camp outside the door until the folks inside get bored and shoot them upon exit.
  8. bladerunner168

    JamesG aka Steve203 aka Stephen Glennie is a SCAMMER.

    Although I've been a prolific seller on another forum, it's stories like this that give me OCD about buying new each time. I really don't get the mentality of scammers, most transactions are done via PayPal so the chances of them keeping the monies are slim to remote. Anyways, thanks for the heads up, it'll be useful for non Airsoft Ebaying.
  9. bladerunner168

    Gun picture thread

    Cheers CK!
  10. bladerunner168

    Gun picture thread

    My GHK
  11. bladerunner168

    Best gunsmiths?

    The people at Fire Support are good as is the engineer at Wolf Armouries.
  12. bladerunner168

    gas rifle

    If £550 is your budget and your heart is really set on a GBBR, I highly recommend the GHK M4 platform to begin with. It has excellent build quality and in and out. Once you go have your VCRA defence, go to https://samoon.com.tw/ and pick one up along with a 1j bolt and you'll be good to go. As for maintenance, give it a good lube regularly and clean out the inner barrel and you're pretty much on point. I'm a tool with tools and even I can get a bog standard one to look half decent with minimal effort. And the internals of a GBBR are far less complicated than the workings of the gearbox in an AEG. If you still feel a bit unsure, go for a Tokyo Marui recoil series (AR15, HK416, SCAR's, G36's AK's), excellent performance straight out of the box.