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  1. What I've never really understood about these types of posts is that, eventually, a gear recommendation request will inevitably lead to disagreements over the age old "genuine vs clone/repro/ACM" hypothesis. Tell someone to stick to the cloned/repro gear, everyone will generally concur and there is a sense of civility. Tell someone to buy genuine Gucci gear and some will react like you've just insulted 18 generations of their family. I'm not saying this thread has turned out like this, far from it. But I do find the reactions of those that do interesting.
  2. @Tyr1415 Ignore all the sensible advice, go balls deep full Gucci from day one, you won't regret it.
  3. @AK47frizzle To say you average AEG weighs in at 2.25KG is an understatement. One only has to look on websites like WGC and Redwolf to see it's not the case. In my experience (GHK for GBBR's and TM's/G&P/VFC for AEG's) The total weight difference when you add in 5 mags is probably 1-1.2KG. Is this a "much heavier" proposition? To me no, but I can respect your opinion if you think it is. You have your views and I have mine. I will not add anything further to this topic.
  4. You have to compare apples with apples, therefore comparing a GBBR to a regular AEG is illogical, the GBBR has realistic functions whilst a bog standard AEG doesn't. Yes, the end function is that they both blow a 6mm BB out of a barrel, but you can achieve the same result if you used a straw and some lung power. Now that would be a very lightweight proposition. My main point is that you make it out there is a much heavier penalty when you use a GBBR, whereas in reality, it's close to 200-300g difference, either way.
  5. A TM recoil is actually representative as they both posses the same realistic functions. You have a custom built, of course that's going to be lighter, I'm talking straight OOTB comparisons. That's simply not true, why would you say that? Just observing the RIF's used during a normal skirmish event, metal AEG's are quite paramount.
  6. Much heavier? Not true at all. A TM Recoil CQBR is around 3.4KG with mag and battery is The equivalent GHK model with fully gassed mag is around 3.1KG There's relatively little material inside of a GBBR. There's a gearbox inside an AEG,
  7. It is, made by these folks: https://otghex.com/ Expensive but quality is superb.
  8. Bought two TM pistols this week, quite a contrast between the quality of the plastics used, FNX feels much higher grade.
  9. Very happy with my TM FNX45, can't wait until slide kits start coming out for them.
  10. Just lot's of drawing from the holster, wears it down pretty quick.
  11. I bought their LM4 GBBR, the official licensed Magpul one. The paint on the upper receiver stripped when I tried to install a Magpul MBUS onto it, first time. Definitely not a KWAlity product.
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