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  1. Just lot's of drawing from the holster, wears it down pretty quick.
  2. I bought their LM4 GBBR, the official licensed Magpul one. The paint on the upper receiver stripped when I tried to install a Magpul MBUS onto it, first time. Definitely not a KWAlity product.
  3. I agree, but in her 15 year old, brainwashed and distorted mind, she probably thought she was joining the Rebel Alliance.
  4. It's meaningless in the sense of what the poster below said, everyone has something that sets us off, to highlight this is futile.
  5. That's also a meaningless buzz word. Back on topic, am I offended that they use pictures of real life people on their targets? No. Is it bad taste, yes.
  6. Depends what price you get them in at. I paid £115 for mine, and I'm chuffed with it at that price point. Brownells were selling them for over £200, I wouldn't buy it at that price.
  7. TM Recce - Angry Gun MK16 13.5" RIS, DyTac 16" barrel
  8. GHK platform TM Recoil platform
  9. I don't wash for a few days prior to a skirmish, you know, to throw the opposition of my scent...
  10. The original question posed by the OP is actually relative, in my view, Airsoft should be getting cheaper. Let's assume that you start Airsofting whilst still in education or just started work. You'll either be earning no money at all or your starting salary will be quite low. As you progress in your career, you get more qualified, you get more responsibilities and you should get remunerated more. Therefore, your Airsoft expenses should become smaller percentage of your net income, hence Airsoft become more affordable, relatively speaking. This theory is only applicable until you take an arrow to the knee.
  11. Hi Folks, I bought a bone conduction headset dirt cheap off ebay and I now need it wired to work with me PTT. Can anyone recommend any good radio/comms technicians? Cheers!
  12. Started of life as a TM RECCE PTS Fortis REV RIS 12" Dytac 12" outer barrel Madbull Umbrella Corp pistol grip And then some SCAR love....especially in black
  13. War of attrition method: Camp outside the door until the folks inside get bored and shoot them upon exit.
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