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  1. Did they have any airsoft contingent this year?
  2. Good Evening, I am just wondering if there are any Conventions or Expos in the UK for Airsoft where there Manufactures come and display everything they have etc. you can go buy new rifles or accessories. I have tried googling but only seem to get stuff about actual guns.
  3. currently looking around for my first rifle and I have pretty much come to the conclusion to which AEG I am going to get. Umarex VFC HK 416 not sure on whether ill be getting the CQB or the D variant. Which are pretty much the top recommended models to be looking at, in terms of stability realism I had a friend in Holland recommend the Umarex/ VFC models and I believe also the G&G models. however I have recently seen a scum Barrett M$ style that I like also. Any help very much appreciated. Pros and Cons welcome including potential pictures.
  4. thanks for this. I think during a little bit of general browsing today I found a pretty decent GHK GBB i believe it was either a m4 variant or what would be a H&K 416 in real life.
  5. Okay will take a look at them. In general tho which are the better makes as i have seen there are so many but most players by the looks of it seem to gravitate towards to a mix of 3 brands?
  6. Well thats great to know. I will try and head down towards airsoft zone at some point. its about 60 miles away from me currently. With regards to GBBR who would be the brands to go for in the future. i think iam looking at getting a AEG now but would at somepoint like to have a GBBR maybe even for summer skirmishes.
  7. so would you guys then recommend more something like this? http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-m4-m15-m16-variants/g-g-gt-advanced-418-electric-blowback-aeg-black.htm#.WG_4Y4XXKmQ
  8. To be honest I have seen the same rifle with JDairsoft to about the same price. With regards to rifles I am always up for suggestions. I just wanted to be slightly different and as I have always loved the G36 in real life. I thought about getting it. I ve seen it in real life and still love the absolute simplicity of it. From what I seen most people either use a M4 variant of some sort or a AK variant.
  9. This is the one that i have been looking at. Obviously i have been window shopping but really like this rifle https://www.bbguns4less.co.uk/products/we-g39c-ras-carbine-replica-gbb-airsoft-rifle-in-black.html I would have to reduce the FPS on this one with a NPAS but have seen it is extremely easy to do by myself. not half bad with a set of tools and fiddly little bits.
  10. Iam looking at around 550 maybe slightly more.
  11. Yes iam over 18. No I currently do not hold UKARA. However I have started the process for this. Thank you very much Brauster you have been very helpful.
  12. Ahh okay. My friends and I are looking forward to playing, we also liked the idea of playing more realistically, but also to have fun. Do you have any other recommendations for a couple of newbies.
  13. Thanks for this guys its really useful info. Why do you guys recommend not getting a GBBR as a first rifle and going for a AEG. Is it because of maintenance of the rifles or the understanding of how they handle. With regards UKARA yeah I will complete all the required pre-requisites for being able to by my own RIF. Ill have to do some saving as I don't currently have the funds for a decent purchase.
  14. Okay so I just double checked it's got fire modes semi and auto. By locked down do mean that iam only allowed to keep in in semi mode or does it need to be locked down by the retailer.
  15. Good afternoon, Iam new to airsoft in and will be joining a few friends who will also be going for the first time. As we are all extremely keen in picking this up we have been browsing for weapons etc once we have completed the requirements. I have seen the rifle that I would like to get but am unsure whether I would be allowed to use it at any sites once purchased. Most sitest around my area have a fps limit which is understandable however I only see limits for aeg,snipers and dmrs. My question is what does a gas operated rifle come under. I think the rifle I was looking at has a fps of around 380 but I would have to double check. Sorry for being a noob but I look forward to the replys
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