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  1. Just a heads up. We aren't supposed to attach pouches and stuff to our body armour as if you stand on a mine it blows all that stuff up and takes your head off. If you wanted accuracy you may want webbing too well... actually everything is changing to virtus soon (if they pull their finger out) so no one will have a correct British loadout for some time. As for colours if you buy anything else in future, if you want a good match with MTP, either standard tan or coyote works best.
  2. The real weapon is an SR-25... not sure what you mean by "can't find anything like it". It just has a different stock, hand guard, and other accessories you will find super hard to find (if you can at all) and will be crazy expensive to get right. Also I've searched the entire internet and there isn't a replica 6x48 acog, so you could drop a few grand on a real one if you want to be accurate
  3. Love my WE, I went with the 17 though as I wouldn't have used the full auto anyway. Had no problems at all and it's super consistent even in winter weather... I haven't actually owned a TM so can't comment. Gas efficiency of the WE is great too, despite the metal slide and obviously TM would still be better. Let us know how you get on with yours
  4. Hi, I've been looking for a patch like this one on his arm but can't find anything close, anywhere. It's a Center for Disease Control and Prevention patch, can't quite read what it says under the CDC but it's from the syfy show 'Helix' season 2. If anyone finds something like it please let me know, thanks Edit: I know I could always go to Stitch me up or somewhere else, but I can't tell the size or define the writing on the patch (or logo thing above the last C).
  5. I actually have the same torch mounted on a 45 degree mount. I just got one off amazon for £6 or something. Just get a 30mm mount and put a small layer of electrical tape around the torch to prevent scratching and make it a tighter fit. When I measured mine it was actually 28.5 millimetres or something. Just say if you want a pic or link Tldr, yeah that'll work but the 45 degree mounts feel better to me.
  6. I did see some nice Safariland ones about in my initial days of searching but it wasn't until I went on their website and went through the whole quiz to find the exact one. And then I realised it was $162 plus shipping plus tax plus duty. Whatever that all adds up to, bit steep. Plus, drop leg isn't required, but a belt one will get in the way of the webbing a little and I'm just used to it. Though as I say, I'm open to try new things.
  7. Ok, Epoch sounds decent and I never knew about that... also I tried looking at that HWholsters, but they moved to a .com website and that one is blocked 'in accordance with RSME policy' figures. May have to check that website out when I get off camp next. Thanks anyway. You'll also have to share if you find another deal on real eotechs. I've been looking a bit but not found anywhere near the price you said on another thread
  8. Ok so I'm assuming this has been covered a fair bit but, despite me searching anything I could think of on here and scouring the internet, I can't find what I want. I'm looking for a new drop leg holster for my WE G17. My old one bit the dust and was frankly terrible anyway. I was looking at the serpa holsters and know I would need a Glock 21 holster for the WE, but the problem is that I would ideally like to keep it holstered with the torch still attached. Also something very quick to draw, like a serpa, as I'm prone to switching to it often (using a gbbr and all...) This is it with the surefire x200 clone attached for an idea of size. If anyone uses anything similar and has a good holster they like to use, please gimme a shout. Thanks
  9. If people get offended by it, it only proves his point further...
  10. Burning people as fuel wouldn't be a fossil fuel, it would be a biofuel. Plus, agreed
  11. If by split slide, you mean like the Hi-Cappa 'Dragon' version (by WE I think), Then it'll give you slightly better gas efficiency and slightly less 'recoil'. But not much difference really.
  12. How? I've done this and the website doesn't know any details of mine, especially not my bank details, so how can it take money? I've still put pics up on here...
  13. To add a picture you could just go to 'more reply options' then choose file, photo library, camera roll, attach selected file and it should be o there
  14. Oh wow... why was this so far up the list then? Lol
  15. Wow, wtf? Genuinely confused myself now. I swear when I posted it I read " the g&g does have bad reviews though". Whoops, my bad. Plus I know they're cheapo mosfets but it's a first gun... not expecting a Krytac level of qc aha. As I saw somewhere "they are like the Honda Civic of airsoft guns"
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