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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Selling a Used Flyye Force Recon Vest (XL) for £45 (postage is £10) I purchased this vest used back in November and I haven't used it aside from trying it on. The reason I'm selling it is because it's a little large on me and I can't get used to the feeling of a plate carrier after using a belt+harness loadout for so long. The Vest also has a painted Punisher logo in white on the back of the vest which I wasn't too keen on and had planned to clean off with some paint remover however I'll leave it up to the buyer to do that incase you want to keep it. Included in this wonderful yet adequately priced Vest is the following: 1x Large Utility pouch 1x Medical pouch 1x Z-TAC PTT (No radio included) 1x Admin pouch 1x Radio pouch 1x Smoke grenade pouch 1x Double M4 mag pouch (Holds 2 mags per pouch) 2x Single M4 mag pouch (Holds 2 mags per pouch) 2x Removeable Soft foam plates 4x Random patches that the previous guy put on there **patches are gone** The vest also has your basic plate carrier features like a drag handle and emergency release if that's your fancy. Collection available in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire


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    Used PTS CM4 C4-10 ERG w/ 4 ERG mid cap mags and an unbranded ACOG 4x magnifier for £350 posted+fees included, I'm open to offers / No trades The gun uses KWA's recoil system and features a decently strong kickback from firing on semi/full. After shooting both a TM NGRS and this gun, the ERG is definitely stronger than a TM Recoil Shock imo. Also features the use of a magazine cutoff feature with the proprietary mags that are included, preventing you from firing the gun once you're out of BBs. The use of normal non KWA magazines is fine however the magazine cutoff feature won't work. The only upgrades I've done to the gun is changing out the stock hop up bucking with a Guarder clear hop as per the suggestion on the ERG owners group on Facebook, the bucking needs worked in as I only just swapped it in so I'll include the original bucking incase you want to use that instead. Shoots 330fps / 0.20g bbs PM me if you have any questions


  3. Finally fixed an annoying issue with my TM G17's slide getting stuck behind the hammer every time it got pulled back. It's like a whole new gun now.

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      Yeah that's what I plan on getting as well along with the recoil spring.


      Cheers for reminding me :)

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      You’ll notice GunsModify recomend a 120% recoil spring, as do I

  4. Akuma121

    Cyma AKS-74 w/4 Mags

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    Awaiting collection from buyer, will remove once collected incase buyer backs out. Selling a Stock Cyma AKS-74 w/4 High cap magazines (3 black, 1 plum) £115 posted, buyer covers paypal fees. The gun was originally downgraded to 350fps, however when chronographed it was shooting slightly above 350fps and the spring was clipped to take it between 330-340 due to my site limits. It has been used once and has less than 300 rounds put through it. It has your usual wear done to it on the moveable parts e.g dust cover, folding stock button, the release button and the fire selector. The only issue with the gun is that the stock lock button on the left-hand side of the gun has come off. I’m currently waiting to receive a replacement part from the shop I bought the gun from however if you would prefer to fix it on your own as it’s an easy and extremely cheap job, I can take £10 off the price of the gun as compensation for you having to source the part out. Feel free to contact me here or message me on whatsapp @ 07954 109410 Collection available in Hamilton if prefered. I'm also selling this on Prefired incase you're wondering if this is a fake ad, idk.


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    The reason I'm selling the gun is to fund the purchase of more guns...the cycle never ends. Since buying it off another AFUK member a few months ago I've put in 4 games since purchase and the rifle has performed nicely, I've changed a few settings on the Gate Titan mosfet to lower the trigger sensitivity and upped the fire rate making it fantastic for those CQB engagements or when you need to put a bunch of bbs down the barrel. The gun shoots around 45-50m with 0.28g bbs at 300fps and averages around 330fps on 0.20g bbs. The gun is mostly stock with the exception of a 274mm 6.03mm Stainless steel barrel, the battery connectors being switch to deans and of course the Gate Titan V2 mosfet! The previous owner had this serviced right before I purchased it off them and during the guns service the pneumatic blowback feature was disabled, I'm unsure if it's possible to re-enable it however opening the gun up would answer that better than I can. Price is £240 and £10 for postage, Buyer covers paypal fees. 1x G&G Top Tech CQB-S M4 3x Metal high caps (2 grey stanag and 1 short black stanag) 2x plastic mid caps (90-110 bbs) 2x 1450mAh 7.4v Lipos 1x Stock Lipo balance charger (Would recommend picking up a better balance charger) 1x Front/Rear iron sights 1x Gate Titan V2 Box with all the cables for customizing the mosfet 1x Used Gun Bag with enough space for all the above No Trades sorry, Open to offers though!


  6. Akuma121

    Nomad Airsoft closing - last day is 1st July 2018

    Ah that sucks that it's closing down. Me and a few mates were hoping to make that our secondary site for when we get bored of S8.
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    I'm looking for a used/newish TM G17 that's in good condition, preferably coming with at least one magazine that's leak free. PM me offers. Shipping to Scotland (Central belt) Thanks!