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  1. Finally fixed an annoying issue with my TM G17's slide getting stuck behind the hammer every time it got pulled back. It's like a whole new gun now.

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    2. Akuma121


      I purchased a Guarder slide off of another member on here and they threw in a Guarder lightweight blow back housing for free. I switched over my parts but kept the TM blow back housing in and it still got stuck behind the hammer so I decided to switch over to the Guarder one so it saves me doing it in the future and luckily enough that was the missing piece of the puzzle to solve my problem!


      All I've got left to do now is to pick up a 150% recoil spring and my wee murder machine is ready to murder again :) 

    3. rocketdogbert


      Sure you need a 150%? sounds a bit strong

    4. Akuma121


      Yeah it's an aluminium slide so 150% should work out alright with it considering the stock TM one isn't pushing the slide far back enough to load another shot in.

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