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    M4 second hand upgraded getting to know it inside and out. Ak47 standart Srms next
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  1. I took your original advice and checked out the Facebook sights . Got loads of ideas to sort through. I suppose I'm nervous of working on a GBB
  2. Hi guys could anyone please recommend as really good GBB technician in Essex.I'm new to GBB rifles.I have a ASG special teams carbine, I just want internal upgrading,but really do not want to mess her up by doing it myself .
  3. Yo I to am an essex man. Colchester way. Welcome good sites around this and surounding regions,have fun
  4. Glad to see you have got the bug. Have fun,and yes I agree you will need some more mags at some stage. But good on ya
  5. Gotta be honest. I can be one of those shouting "good shot mucker " if it is. Respect when it's due.
  6. OK how about when your weapon gets hit. And you can resort to a secondary weapon . VIEWS ON THAT GOOD OR OPEN TO ABUSE
  7. The core of airsoft is one of TRUST AND HONESTY which I witnes the majority of the time. I do believe its the responsibility of the whole of the airsoft community to try and resolve this.I personally believe better site management,I also believe it is getting better. SHAME ON THOSE THAT CHEAT. But a bet they ain't on this forum.
  8. Cor,it's good to see that this forum has passion. I'm so pleased I joined. Airsofters are a breed on there own,I'm so pleased I took this sport up .
  9. Totally agree, but what a topical minefield, it could become very toxic.
  10. Snipers hitting ya from close range with 400fps arghhhhh. Running and ya body keeps going but ya feet won't play.. ChucKing a smoke grenade and nothing
  11. Poor Marshal, Who don't want to upset regulars and can see that there is a clearly foul play.... and clicky sites. .
  12. We have a a guy that turns up to airsoft GB dressed in Capt America Full gear Shield ,blue. Well cool and a really good airsofter. . Always bring a smile.
  13. I am seriously thinking of getting a Special Teams Carbine 10/22 Gas Sniper Rifle ASG.. and I would really appreciate your thoughts on this weapon and if it's is worth the cost ,or is there better out there and what. I do not won't a sniper role. But a more accurate and distance type. I have a GandG m4 which I have modified to the best I could achieve. Any advise would be really gratefully received.
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