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  1. Hello Bit of a daft question,Im after a chest rig in ranger green.Im quite keen on the Condor Ronin set up but it only comes in olive,however some photos ive seen show it to be similar to ranger green,has anyone got one or seen one to confirm this cheers Phil
  2. Hi Wonder if anyone can help,Im looking to put together an australian 1 RAR loadout for a few Vietnam events,can anyone suggest any websites to check out or any airsoft groups to contact Cheers Phil
  3. Kebabio

    Advice on Gas

    And is propane ok to use in winter ?
  4. Kebabio

    Advice on Gas

    So do the propane cans have the same nozzle to fit gas mags or do you have to have an adaptor ?
  5. lol, bit of an expensive way to make a point,guess in my mind its just having the evidence there that cant be argued with,bit extreme I agree but it just fucks me off, anyway ranting now.
  6. Unfortunately my last weeks airsoft event was riddled with cheats and has made me consider the possibility of getting a camera for my rifle,has anybody any reccomendations please,cheers.
  7. Can anyone tell me if the above magazines would work in a PTS Masada before I buy. Cheers.
  8. Its a pts masada,read a couple of blogs claiming larger inner bore specifically 6.05 can improve range so thought id give it a go.
  9. Hi Im after a 6.05 inner barrel for my gbbr,hoping to increase the range,can anyone suggest a reasonable brand and where they may be bought,cheers Phil
  10. Kebabio

    Swerving bbs !

    Ive recently bought a PTS Masada GBBR,brand new and completely stock.I used it for the first time on sunday and noticed that when fired the bbs would travel straight for the majority of the time but the last 10-20 ft they would veer to the left or right or occasionaly stay straight.Im using .25g Airsoft surgeon bbs which ive never had an issue with in my AEGs and Airsoft Surgeon gas if that has any relevance.Ive only put this post in this section as Ive never had this issue before and this is m first GBBR.Would appreciate any sensible feedback,cheers
  11. Kebabio

    Advice on Gas

    Ive recently bought a pts masada gbbr and im looking for any advice or opinions regarding types and brands of gas that are best to use in this particular rif. Cheers,Phil
  12. Just been on an evening shoot and decided to give some Nuprol Diamond grade 0.28g bbs a go and had some pretty bad feeding issues so I reloaded with 0.25g Blasters and had no further problems.Can anyone shed any light onto what might be the issue,my gun?,the bb weight or brand?,cheers
  13. Wonder if any one can help,Im looking at putting together a Norwegian style loadout together and seem to be having a bit of difficulty finding M98 camo particularly a jacket,does anyone have any info on where I can get hold of any,cheers !
  14. Sorry,its an LCT AK104
  15. I have a question for all you Techies out there,yesterday whist at a skirmish my aeg decided to start firing on full auto,whist the fire selector was on semi,without me pulling the trigger,the gun then stopped worked as normal for a few shots then repeated the full auto firing. Has anyone got any answers or thoughts on what could be causing this to happen ?,cheers.
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