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  1. Right hand, left eye dominant

    Have you tried shouldering the rifles stock into your left shoulder still keeping it held with your right hand on the trigger grip and left hand on the fore grip? it feels a little odd though to me
  2. Right hand, left eye dominant

    Try shooting with both eyes open. I'm sure this is the method used when using red dots/Holosights. Personally though I find these to be of more cosmetic appeal than of any real use. Most of the times you'll be see the BB's fly out your barrel and be able to adjust aim that way. Maybe turn your head a bit more tucking more of your cheek into your right shoulder bringing more of your left side to look down your sights. Maybe try holding a a stick and like you a rifle and play around with a stance that is comfortable for you. Might sound silly but i keep meaning to get an eye patch or something to cover my left eye, find it quite hard keeping my left eye closed and right eye open if using a scope
  3. Mk23 maple leaf barrel upgrade

    Here you go. make sure you disassemble it as the manual shows though. Guy in the vid just pops out the slide lock pin. You should pull the slide back a bit til the little grove makes space for a raised part to slide out
  4. Gun picture thread

    Aaah cool i see now Cheers bud!
  5. Gun picture thread

    What Sorcery is used to feed your BB's from that bag? I must learn your secrets
  6. Removing tint from glasses

    Don't know if this helps? Could work i guess. https://www.thriftyfun.com/tf97197303.tip.html
  7. Probably a dumb question?

    Finally managed to get an Adapter. Now just waiting on the new line I have ordered. Then the joy of figuring out how to connect it all up
  8. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Ordered Some new O-ring seals from Germany to replace all the existing ones on our TM Breacher, Also a new HPA line from High Pressure Airsoft (all at the same time) and the O-Rings turn up first...What gives
  9. Tokyo marui pistol choice

    The P229 is a bit smaller than the P226 (look pretty much and operates the same) so will probably fit smaller hands a bit better could be worth a look? I ordered a WE 226 of Patrol Base but they sent us a 229 by accident (I assume) and fell in love with the dimensions of it really nice and compact so was not going to kick up any fuss about that! However Davegolf mentioned about gloves, its not too friendly with "heavy" gloves But straight out of the Box the Mk 23 is absolutely amazing! Patrol Base had these in too a couple of days ago also offering upgrades. TBH though I probably wouldn't bother with them this is just that good
  10. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Your 23 is good enough to be your primary if your using ninja skill it'd hardly be in you holster I keep mine on a thigh molle so yeah kinda have to remember it's their when crouching. Only done woodland site not really had any problems with anything catching. Would possibly be better if it was molded though instead of printed as I think the printed layers seem to be a "structral Weakness" to me.
  11. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Just buy it they are fantastic, super quick release and it can hold all its glory (suppressor and LAM) the one in the previous post though is the newer version, plate at the back is different to the one i have. Don't know if the plastic they use is better now either? I took a pretty bad fall on mine and its all cracked got electrical tape holding it together now moral of the story is....don't slide on your gear!
  12. aceros-de-hispania

    Hey everyone, After some searching, This site seems to be the only place that has a part available that I am after. Any one heard of it before used it before? http://www.aceros-de-hispania.com Much Appreciated.
  13. Probably a dumb question?

    only one way to find out will have to see if i can pick up one of those adapters from somewhere come payday Thanks for the input fellas
  14. Probably a dumb question?

    After reading that i understand now why you bought up the Reg. So the knocker valve alone in the mag isn't enough to keep a usable amount of air in? (for more than one shot)
  15. Probably a dumb question?

    Understand what the regulator does that's not the bit that is causing confusion, might not have explained myself too well . Its just that with the Mag being a sealed reservoir I was under the impression that what is put into it will remain their until the trigger is pulled. So if i was to fill the magazine like you would with green gas but using an Air bottle so that the air can be used in the same way as you would green gas I would still like to try this to see if i can use it as an alternative to green gas but like you pointed out due to the different natures of air/propane it probably wouldn't work for more than 2 shots? knowing my luck as well it'd probably turn the mag into a home made torpedo.