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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    For sale is my stock Scorpion Evo Carbine AEG. This is the pre-2018 model. I have skirmished the AEG a few times. It is in good condition and perfect working order. It is fully stock so no upgrades in it at all. I had the wires converted to deans by Platoon Stores in Rochester. I’ve attached some M-LOK to Picatinny tails on the handguard however, if you don’t want them I will take them off. Selling as I prefer my M4 and want to free up some space in my house. Can post to the UK or if you’d prefer to collect then that’s fine too. If you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them and happy to provide more pictures and videos.


  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Selling six Scorpion Evo mags for the AEG variants. I’ve used the mags a handful of times and they are in great condition and perfect working order.


  3. I took a shot at your head but you ducked backwards and then you very kindly pointed where I was to your teammates which allowed me to shoot your finger Haha yup! One of my other highlights from the day was when someone called out if I was Yellow or Green and I shouted, "Yellow! I mean Green!". "Well what team are you on?!". "I'm Green! I'm sorry I'm definitely not Yellow I panicked!".
  4. Haha @L3wisD I want to say I'm sorry but that would be one massive lie
  5. Who is the guy in the green top on the left in the bottom pic? I shot him in his tit right by the safe zone haha!
  6. Thank you to all who arranged today and was great to see you all 🙂 had an awesome day of pew pew!
  7. This is probably a stupid request but can someone post directions for The Mall please? I presume there is a car park on site? Not played there before 😁

    • For sale
    • Used

    Selling the following: ASG Scorprion Evo Carbine 7 x Mid Cap Magazines 2 x ASG 11.1v LiPo Batteries I will throw in the black sling, angled foregrip, red dot sight (needs a new battery) and a lens protector. I’ve also installed three M-Lok to Picatinny rail adapters on the front of the gun. The gun itself is fully stock apart from an upgraded ball bearing spring guide, M95 milspec spring and I’ve had the gun and the batteries converted to deans. The original spring and spring guide are included in the package. Everything is fully functional and works as it should. I’ve skirmished the gun twice and it performs well. The only reason I am selling is that I prefer my M4 and this is taking up space in the house.


    Rochester, Kent

  9. Hmmm not sure what to suggest. I think the game could work, just need to make sure it plays well.
  10. We could make it a rule that you can only have one player marshal per squad?
  11. No tape/bands needed IMO. You are a close knit team of five constantly on the move. If you don't know who is in your five man team then you aren't working together. If you see anyone else, shoot them
  12. Another game idea. 60 people are split into 12 teams of five people. Every team has be constantly on the move, hunting down the other teams. Strictly no camping. If you are killed you go to regen, wait for another four people and go out as a new five man team.
  13. Ah sorry didn't know this was already a thing. Never played at The Mall before.
  14. What about a Halo Infection style type of game? 4 "zombies" and 54 "survivors". Once a survivor is shot by a zombie they go back to regen and become a zombie. Last man standing wins!
  15. I'm tapping up someone now but I'm pretty sure they'll be a yes! Do you want me to send you their £30 via the same paypal method?
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