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  1. This would be the approach we would take. We can easily achieve that with an app, Facebook for instance, allows you to write a post offline and then automatically it's posted when you gain internet.
  2. I think if down the road it became a need sure, the initial costs for physical Items like cards would require sites to have internet or phones with QR enabled Software from the app. I would be easier to provide a single use printable QR code or even a code for the day that the site can give players to use. Obviously, that would need to be planned better.
  3. The hard part of a physical card is cost, both in making cards and the POS (point of sale) machine to scan them. Without a way to validate the card via machine or terminal it would pointless as they would be easy to clone or fake.
  4. Less friction is better, from a players point of view I'd prefer to have zero to little maintenance required something I could forget about. Maybe update my address or a few basic details again most of these can be pulled from SSO systems like "Sign up with Facebook" (depending on your level of information provided to Facebook). Remember I'm not in the business of giving personal information away nor do I want to be in that position so it's more of an "as little as required" sort of thing. It's all used to generate a risk score out of 100 (100 being don't sell) the more details you provide the lower the score, the more successful transactions with positive feedback the lower the score, the more you play the lower the score. A request is made like this. Player to Player Manuel Player A Logs into to their account, Generates a Validation Key, Provides One Use Key to Player B, Player B Enters it on their account, Player B and A Gets Shared Information Packet. This Packet Contains Basic Information to Complete the Sale. Real Name, Generalised Location e.g. Ramsgate CT11, Most Recent Play Date, Most Recent Play Site, Overall Rating in Stars 1-5. Business to Player Manuel Business Logs Into to their account, Goes to their store/retailer portal, Pastes Bulk Email list into Textarea box, it returns with all the approved emails and all the rejected emails. (They can drill in deeper to each account). They can download the report in JSON, XML, or CSV. Every action is logged and reported to the account. You will see on your account if a retailer checked you (like you do with credit checks). Only once a valid key is given for player to player checks is it logged.
  5. Hopefully, this sort of website would also deal with small traders and retailers starting out so they can ACTUALLY check validation. I know so many that don't check.
  6. An infraction system and notification to users would be a way to do it. We plan on partnering with every Business to create a "Just Eat" approach by providing the means to expand and protect their business, abuse will mean removal and some form of displayed infraction would have a negative view of the community. We have a WordPress plugin and want to hit the top 5 e-commerce software's like Magento to allow little to zero coding required. Just make it work in your system. E.g. You could have a "Checkout with PlayerCheck" this would be an SSO that would pre-populate the checkout fields allowing you to just pay and forget. We never wanted to replace UKARA just work with them, they refused so this approach was the next step, I even said in my original email we would be happy to build this fro free if they promise to support Used Sales.
  7. The original idea was to compliment UKARA and provide an API-friendly way for people like myself who build tools around airsoft. UKARA provides nothing nor has any interest in going with innovation. My original way to validate users on my website was to ask them to submit sensitive personal information (not safe) then I would contact a store/ukara access company and ask them to validate that information. No news of when it would expire or anything, this would have to be replicated for every website that wanted to validate their users, a lot of half attempted websites asking for some dangerous information. If I was a player I would like to sign up once or be added by a site to a validation system, the take a few moment to update information and be able to make transactions that someday. Realistically some form of risk assessment should be done in the background (system side) depending on how much information the site provides the less is needed to be checked by the system. It's worth noting fraudulent submissions by a site if found would have a negative impact (and I plan on punishing sites who abuse the system) publicly for them.
  8. Hi AF-UK as some showed interest in what I was building to support used sales in airsoft (and with the issues over at UKARA). I started a thread to get feedback, suggestions, trolled and all over types of "don't waste your time". I believe it's time to start getting general feedback from the community so this thread will do so. Backstory on PlayerCheck - PlayerCheck was designed to be transparent and provide open information to everyone, it's owned by my company but is not a for-profit product. It's to complement and protect users. We had a few cases of users buying/selling items on our website underage, without a defence that same old stuff. UKARA only protects businesses and the used airsoft community is just as large if not larger. A way to freely validate everyone is missing or not available to everyone for free. I spoke with UKAPA Briefly before they broke communication because Matt left, and a few major used airsoft marketplaces. This was never designed to be a REPLACEMENT for current defences approved by the home office but to provide another way to check players. We would love to become a valid defence but don't see that coming for a few since we have to approach This slowly so we don't look like we are fighting internally as a sport/community/whatever. Production State Features - At this time we consider the core of playercheck to be around ~75% completed. Player to Player Defence Checks, Transaction History, Business Verification, Add Multiple Sites/stores to a Business for simple control, Business Analytics, Risk Score Analysis, MultiplIple Defence integrations for UKARA and BAC, User dashboard, Request History, Single Use Request Tokens, NFC check-in at booth stand-alone native phone app. In Build State Features - Integration add-on tools for software like Magento and Forum Software like IPB, SSO for external platforms, V1 Playercheck Public API Security - A rock solid 256-bit encryption algorithm with a cypher, all our information is stored at the same level as Netflix or Amazon. We use an in-transit SSL and soon EV-SSL across the network. What we share when a validation is requested externally. Not much actually, your details are stored to enable validation. When you enter these on other sites they are compared with our database and a risk score is sent back. This is the same as how credit cards are used. FAQ - http://playercheck.co.uk/help I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.
  9. I'm happy to make this a thread if people want to throw questions or suggestions at me?
  10. Initially, when players are added they follow the same rules UKARA enforce, this includes 3 games in more than 56 days from the first game. The user is added for a year of membership. PlayerCheck is designed to be transparent its not for data selling or mining. Purely for allowing used airsoft marketplaces to validate Members and to combat scamming, we pitched this to UKARA they sent us this. We actually plan once the government is reformed to try and sit down with UKARA and attend the home office meetings. Used sales is a massive market and require a regulated system for checking sales/users. PlayerCheck will be built not to serve Weaponcrates or one place but to be free for everyone to use via WordPress widgets and other self-validation. We are also promoting the use of UKARA by allowing sites to add users UKARA number or users to add their own UKARA number to be validated. The whole system is designed for quick, easy and transparent use so sites can use it without much more effort. The weaponcrates app, for example allows you to "check in" to sites, we can easily port this to a stand alone application for players to "check in" to sites and scan a changeable QR code to promote a self-check in service. All the non-identifiable statistics like "player count to a site, so on.." will be publicly displayed for everyone further data like "% of < 18s or % of new players" will be displayed on a dashboard to site owners. The idea is also to allow smaller stores and new retail markets to have a defence they can accept that conforms to UKARA's standard without play £500 to a system that is held together by ducktape, most new sites don't even check defences because they can't afford £500/pa to have access to UKARA that alone is an issue .
  11. I'll open this in a PM if you want I don't fancy getting in trouble for thread hijacking
  12. Hello, @TinCan I play regularly at apocalypse airsoft. I'm unattached from teams because I've never found one that plays regularly And with the same mentality.
  13. Here's a sneak preview of what the sites page will look like on native application.
  14. Thanks, I understand we may not hold responsibility for users actions but we do hold a moral responsibility to try and stamp out scamming or issues where we can. We can never solve it 100% but we can try and work with people to resolve the problems and learn how we can stop them in future. I believe from what read you have sorted it, but do let me know if we can assist in future. Without hijacking your thread we are building https://playercheck.co.uk to assist with reviewing players against a defence.
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