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  1. ReySkywalker

    Aug Owners?

    Hi all, interested to see what people have done to their Augs, i currently have the xs commando the smg variant, so if anyone has this and has customised it id be open to ideas, what i'm after is better accuracy, the bbs dont group well when full autoing, is this a barrel swap or change of weight in bbs? another thing is the sling hook on this gun, has anyone changed this in anyway, open to ideas etc, cheers.
  2. ReySkywalker

    Selling an AEG

    Hi all, I'm looking to sell my old AEG, just wondering how you work out the value is it a certain % of the retail price depending on the overall condition of you AEG? And what about batteries and extras just half the price of retail or maybe about a quarter Any help appreciated.
  3. ReySkywalker

    Asg Aug XS Commando

    in cheshire mate near stoke, have not got the gun yet though mate but cheers anyway
  4. ReySkywalker

    Asg Aug XS Commando

    Read a lot of reviews and vids o it and yes it a quick change spring so that's good news!
  5. ReySkywalker

    Asg Aug XS Commando

    cheers man, would probably get a tech to do it, dont mind cutting the spring myself if it comes out and goes back in easy, good that it can be lowered as my current rifle shoots at around 320fps, and marshalls can be complete arses if you have a gone slightly over the limit, and they dont care if its new or whatever.
  6. ReySkywalker

    Asg Aug XS Commando

    http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-bulpup-guns/asg-steyr-aug-a3-xs-commando-black.htm#.WpPfzKjFJPY Anyone had this? says 350 fps, so it could range over or under and site limit is 350 max, so whats the best option to lower it?
  7. ReySkywalker

    Belt suggestion

    http://www.military1st.co.uk/products/241-002-condor-battle-belt-gen-ii-black.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIndDWz7HD2QIVr73tCh02UAlaEAQYAiABEgI9ufD_BwE use that myself but i dont carry much other than 2 mags and utility, my pistol is rigged onto another belt
  8. ReySkywalker

    Steyr AUG CQC

    Just wondering if anyones ever seen one of these about or knows the best place to get them? ace looking gun.
  9. ReySkywalker

    Russian loadouts thread

    Last 2 pics, quality
  10. ReySkywalker

    Camouflage weapons

    Where'd you get that mate?
  11. ReySkywalker

    Camouflage weapons

    Hi all, anyone got any of you guys have scrim netting on any of their guns? Thinking of using some on my Cm16.
  12. ReySkywalker

    budget £100 what co2 pistols?

    Looks ace that mate, wouldn't know to be honest pretty new to it if i say so haha, i got the viper adjustable holster seems good enough
  13. ReySkywalker

    budget £100 what co2 pistols?

    Gone over the limit but it should be worth it, gone for the cybergun colt m1911 dual tone!
  14. ReySkywalker

    budget £100 what co2 pistols?

    Had a co2 air pistol before enjoyed that, seen some gas ones not working in various weather
  15. ReySkywalker

    budget £100 what co2 pistols?

    Cheers fellas still browsing around