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  1. I've since changed to Lipo and am currently loving it, it just works so much better!
  2. I have been thinking about making the change to lipo, however there is no such thing as an 8.4v or 9.6v lipo that I can find. I wouldn't like to go as low as a 7.4v because it'll be a slug to shoot and I'm worried 11.1v will ruin my motor, and I'd have to get a MOSFET, which all adds up to way too much to just have a functional gun. It's probably what I'll have to do though. And I might as well. Better start saving!
  3. Exactly. On the first charge after only an hour it was too hot to touch. Completely befuddled by it.
  4. I bought a VP racing 8 cell 9.6v battery and web auto stop charger to replace the previously fried batteries due to a non auto stop charger. Turns out neither stop. Anyone else seen this and any tips for the future?
  5. Another thing to take into consideration is the material you use and how thick it is. The steel I am using is 1mm thick. At first I was sceptical about the integrity of this steel against high powered airsoft rifles. I was swiftly proven wrong when a 450 fps sniper didn't even scratch it. I'd even go as far to say 1mm is overkill. If you make such an item out of plastic, ensure that it is polycarbonate and at least 3mm thick. You would need to use heat to bend the plastic too, or you could modify and paint the already existing shield. Another thing that you need to think of is how you can cut your material. If you have a band saw this task would be simple enough, however this is my problem. I am not sure I have the means to cut such a sheet of steel! I will update when I've solved this problem.
  6. Now I just need to transfer the template onto the sheet steel. I do this by using small magnets to hold the paper down while I trace it with a Sharpie. I have already done this but I was unhappy with the shape of the bottom as it was too square. Looking at reference photos, there is a taper to the jaw. This modification can be seen in the photo attached.
  7. The second step was to create a template. I am still working on this as I have only images for reference. Here is a picture of a very rushed template! This is definitely not my final as I believe it to be much too long.
  8. Hey guys! So all my stuff has arrived and I can finally get started with it. Attached is a photo of my fast helmet with the face shield attached. I have drilled out the rivets using a dremel tool and replaced them with bolts. Don't worry, I am planning on cutting them down!
  9. Don't worry guys haha, I intend to wear full face protection underneath, this project is mainly for looks and I can't wait to hear it getting shot! The stuff hasn't arrived yet but it should soon! I'll get back to you when it does.
  10. Hey guys, ever since I've started playing airsoft, I've always imagined what it would be like to have metal armour! I've also always loved the design of the maska-1sch with the small slit for vision. I've decided that I've set out to make my own as I am not willing to pay £150+ for a whim. So I found a couple things on amazon that could be helpful: Now as soon as I came across the OneTigris face shield, I knew I'd found what I needed. It simply attaches onto the fast helmet rails. Sure, this doesn't suit my play style as a sniper but it could be used for closer combat and when it's up it can keep my ghillie out of my face! And don't forget you can always just take it off! My plan is to remove the poly carbonate and replace it with a custom cut sheet of steel, however i believe it to be held in with rivets. I will have to drill these out and replace them with bolts. This could also allow me to change between the maska and the face shield. It should be interesting and I will be updating this as I progress! Thanks guys.
  11. I understand that you may need to change the scrim, and those scg suits are a just a little bit over my budget! My only issue is why a vest with a net on it is worth over 100 quid and how you'd apply the strands to one. I will most likely be making my own completely from scratch as I can't couch up £70 plus. I'll probably do a tutorial on that too.
  12. I've looked everywhere for a ghillie suit that just covers the arms, back, and head. Similar to the photo attached.i believe these are known as "togs" however I can only find then without the strands. Has anyone seen these available or know where I could get one? Preferably for woodland and under 70 quid as I've spent most of my money already. Thanks in advance!
  13. That's what I've done before, kept my distance but we decided to try a free for all. There wasn't much cover either as I use the bushes to my advantage most of the time.
  14. yeah, that does make sense but the black paint was gloss, so it reflects the sunlight. It's really annoying and makes it hard to see sometimes.
  15. The marshal talked to him about it and it was his first time. It just goes to show that people don't listen to important stuff like the rules.
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