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  1. The G&G hicap mag that came with it works perfectly with the battery I use so I don't see how that would affect feeding? I might be wrong in saying that so any help is great. Thanks
  2. 9.6v NiMh I was going for an 11.1v LiPo but the guy advised strongly against them
  3. I own a G&G SR-L M4 and I went and bought these https://www.airsoftworld.net/catalog/product/view/id/1933/. They fit perfectly snug into the mag well but only 1 in 4 shots actually feeds and shoots. I wriggle the mag around and it doesn't help at all. Problem is way worse on semi. Any fixes I can do? Probably was a bit stupid to order 6 but somebody said they worked with CM16s so. Thanks.
  4. Fair point, thank you for your help
  5. Sorry, it was gifted to me.
  6. I have read loads of the threads on here regarding this and you are all probably fed up with seeing titles exactly like mine. But here's the case, I am under 18 and I go to a site with my uncle who is over 18. I have sprayed my M9 pistol black but it is broken so I was just using it to test so that has been put in a box out of the way. I recently got 'gifted' a G&G SR-L and I dislike the look of the paint and I also want to spray it black. Would I be doing anything wrong here as I am only using it for airsoft? The problem is that I might have to sometimes take a train up to my unlce's site with my rifle so if I was stopped what defense would I have? Sorry for repeating a very common topic I just need confirmation that I have some ground in this
  7. As the title says, I need a cheap charger and on that topic I would like to know some brands of 11.1V LiPo that I should aim for/avoid for under £20? Thanks Edit: Apparently the B6 doesn't have a mains cable. Are they easy to install?
  8. Just in case somebody else has this problem of not being able to open up their pistol I will just say some things and maybe add photos later if I can. The little pin is on the side of the slide near the back as said before, it is really difficult to get out (at least for me it was) I had to get a hammer and hit it out with quite a lot of force but then it slid out easy ish with pliers. There are a few really annoying springs around the cocking hammer (idk if that is what it is called) and the trigger. My problem was a snapped off part on a piece connected to the trigger so my pistol is completely broken unless superglue works, if not I am 3D printing another one haha.
  9. I've heard that too, I have found the pin but it has only budged a mm or so after shoving a tiny screwdriver into it. I am currently trying to find something thin and strong enough for to use as a 'nail' so I can hammer it out. Hopefully it will work, no idea what I am gonna do about the actual problem as I don't know anything about it :/
  10. Thoughts on this gun (it's £200) so anything you think you can find for this price which is better I would appreciate
  11. For some reason the trigger on mine has gone wrong and I am trying to open it up but I have no idea how to get the slide off as it is NBB. Thanks.
  12. How is that possible (sorry for potentially stupid question). Can you get non CO2 mags?
  13. Looking at this https://jdairsoft.net/kwc-m712-broom-handle-mauser-co2-gbb pistol from them. If anyone is confused why I am talking about this, a relative would love a Mauser style pistol and I chose the KWC version because it was metal and seemed to have good reviews. On that note does anybody have any clue how to make it fire at more like 300 FPS and not 400+??? Not sure how good JDairsoft is either? Thanks in advance
  14. It is relatively far, further than I would've liked but still under an hours drive away so I might have to visit as it has all 3 of those guns in their store! Thanks a lot.
  15. Basically looking for any store that has one or more of the following to feel and test? G&G Combat Machine CM16 SRl MK23 (TM preferred but any will do) Desert Eagle (Again TM) Thank a lot in advance
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