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    Krytac Trident Mk2 CRB
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    PMC (Emerson RG JPC, M4, Glock)
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    Skirmish Airsoft Exeter
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  1. StrategyBish

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    if there is no battery in it, there is no issue. otherwise the cold will kill the battery. found this out from personal experience in the last snow fall 2 weeks ago.
  2. StrategyBish

    Imitation Loadouts vs Personal Loadouts

    You will be surprised to here nothing on my suit is fresh. It is all synthetic dyed and painted by myself.
  3. StrategyBish

    Imitation Loadouts vs Personal Loadouts

    I tend to build my load outs based around the role I play in the team. For milsims I am a medic. I run an RG JPC with various misc pouches to carry medical supplies/snacks. I try to keep the kit as "rattle free" as possible as I tend to be running sliding and crawling to get to hit players a lot so no wobble is a big benefit for me. I also am part of a "Sniper Ops" team so run a full custom leaf suit which I made myself and use webbing which is disguised accordingly to hide in amongst the foliage. with my leaf suit. so in answer to the original post I design my load outs to perform a job not necessarily to match anyone in particular.
  4. StrategyBish

    Wanted: Elcan Specter 4x sight

    Make: any Item: Elcan Spectre style sight with top mounted RMR Desired Condition: not broken Swaps/Part Exchange: N/Y Budget: £90
  5. StrategyBish

    Just installed the Gate Titan

    excellent! thankyou, I somehow missed this when I tried to read it. that was at 2am this morning though hahah
  6. StrategyBish

    Just installed the Gate Titan

    Ode to revive a dead thread.. Just had a titan installed and I am wondering if I need to do anything to decock it at the end of the day, after using the precock function?
  7. StrategyBish

    Airsoft sites in/ near Plymouth?

    There is also Skirmish paintball in Exeter, it is all woodland based with walk on days every other weekend. not woodland based but it is good for a pew pew, the Facebook group is pretty packed with players also.
  8. I have the CRB and the range out of the box is phenomenal even just running 0.2g bb's it has great range and accuracy. I have a scope on mine and I need it to see the bb's drop haha
  9. StrategyBish

    Samurai Edge Rail Adapter

    Hello, Im currently on a bit of a mission to add a suppressor to my TM M9. I have decided that the best way I can find of doing this is to somehow aquire the AWM rail stabiliser and suppressor from the Samurai edge kit. unfortunately these are not readily available and to get them I need the respective serial numbers of the two parts. I need the help from one of you guys as im sure someone owns one. can you please let me know the product serial number for the AWM accessories. TLDR: need the serial numbers from the attachments to the samurai edge. Cheers, Bish
  10. StrategyBish

    Cyma SVD

    Im looking to upgrade my SVD to become the perfect DMR rifle. everything I look up I tend to find different opinions about what to upgrade, I have upgraded the barrel and bucking already just want to see what else you guys think about the next stuff on my list. High torque motor Mosfet - want to start using 11.1 Lipo so safe is better than sorry right? spring upgrade - 380fps hop unit anything else you can recommend?