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  1. there is no harm in widening the hole a mm or two.

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    Hand made leaf suit and rig for sale. Package includes a leaf suit balaclava and rig. Aswell as crafting materials to add more disguise elements yourself. Rig includes: 2×M14 pouches 1× viper misc pouch 1×pistol mag pouch 1×monocular pouch (monocular included) 1x universal holster 1x 1.5L hydro bladder Crafting materials include: 4× acrylic dye pots (various browns) 1x tube impact glue 2× artificial turf block Sneaky leaves brand Gorilla tape for weapons A box of pale yellow/brown leaves (roughly 600) A bag of treated but undyed leaves (roughly 200) 2×100 untreated leaves Fake long grass 50 safety pins Bag of mixed Raffia British oak netting for disguise material Bag of fake moss Also included: box for storage of crafting materials. Waterproof bag to store leaf suit.


    - GB

  3. you can purchase a replacement form ak2m4
  4. My two main weapons, Silverback SRS Honey Badger. G&P/P* R3
  5. I purchased myself the new G&P R3 m4 as a late birthday present. After a thorough testing in both woodland and CQB I can confidently say this rifle is world class, 100% consistent and utilising the benefits of HPA without the restriction of remote lines. Its so much fun shooting it. Items I changed on the rifle: Octa arms M-LOK rail, custom CNC'd Barrel nut in order to fit. Dytac QD pistol grip (for easy access to FCU) Swapped the supplied micro FCU to the P* FCU. SPEED Airsoft Blade Trigger. Filled the gearbox with sound adsorbant material. The barrel/hopup settings is as follows: MAXX SE Hop unit (Standard hop arm) PDI 6.05x420mm Stainless steel barrel Faceless Sniper RHop patch for PDI Modify Ryusoku Bucking + flat nub Currently using 0.3g bbs and having pinpoint accuracy and consistency shot to shot. Easily reaching out past 50 meters. My general opinions from using this rifle are as follows: The stock FCU is awkward to program and I ended accidentaly resetting it 5 times just setting the dwell. Reccomend changing to the regular P* FCU to make programming much easier. The polymer externals (charging handle, bolt catch etc.) werent to my taste so swapped those out for metal counterparts. The supplied G&P magazines, although they have a fanominal feed rate, up to 70rps! The spring doesnt fully empty the mag so can be annoying when checking. Having a 13ci tank is great for keeping the rifle slim lined, but the air volume will limit your play style massivly. With semi only @350fps I am getting an average of 700-800 shots per fill. if you where playing a long game/milsim you will need to carry spare tanks. When fully built and using a foam filled supressor the rifle is astoundingly quiet (main selling point for me). I am aware i have fully modified my rifle externally and internally. If you are looking into purchasing this rifle and read this post I would say go for it. you can use it bone stock and it still be an outstanding weapon and well worth the price point and would reccomend it to anyone thinking about it.
  6. Longbow have just released their own tracer rounds. currently with 0.25 and 0.3 on offer looking to bring out more weights when they can.
  7. aswell as their new site in gloucester?

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      just kidding I had no idea of the context of this I just saw a random status with no links to anything and thought it needed a reply😂


      Assuming you're meaning the UCAP site though, I imagine it'd be this that you're after:


    3. StrategyBish


      ahh okay, i was referencing the post before. forgot to reply and just posted instead.

    4. BibbsOnTour


      That's what you're after then mate!😁

  8. I love my SRS!! I bought one of the first Gen 2 batches last year and have progressivly upgraded and tuned it whilst the new developments are being made. I have gone through: 4 barrel setups 3 piston setups 6 hop setups 3 bolt handles 5 spring variations I have finally settled on what i beileve to be possibly the best i cant get out of the rifle. My "Honeybadger" The setup is as follows: SRS 22" rail system SRS 16" outer barrel Unbranded suppressor w/ homemade scouring pad filling Hawke 3-9x 42 scope Sniper Mechanics SRS W.A.S.P set to full break and heaviest weight. EDGI 450 FPS spring EDGI dual bore barrel 5.95-6.05x420mm inner barrel Silverback 60 Bucking w/ silverback "flat" nub Silverback 2018 Fast Hop I have also ground off the guide lug on the cylinder for a smoother bolt pull. Using this setup the gun is alost inaudible at 3m and at a 2.19J @ 0.45g setup is touching 95-100m flat in the right conditions.
  9. G&P / Polarstar R3 Air Tank Ares MLOK Rail Mlok Rail Covers ASG Rotex 3 Suppressor 5x G&P Midcaps CNC fire selector Belated birthday present to me!

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    I am selling my OD loadout as I plan on building an RG one instead. Included in the deal: Emerson Plate carrier Warrior triple 5.56 Mag pouch Warrior dangler pouch Warrior double stack 5.56 mag pouch Warrior Hydration carrier Enola Gaye double smoke pouch 8Fields backpack Viper radio pouch 8Fields rip off medic pouch UTC Double 9mm pouch Maxpedition shoulder pads


    Exeter, Devon - GB

  11. Full Swedish M90 loadout. Trousers UBACS Softshell Hat
  12. it was a bulk order for me and my team. I get 5% discount from longbow as I am an affiliate.
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