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  1. lol Yeah dosent add any performance but can be taken off in 5seconds if wanted to
  2. My pics keep getting deleted! not sure why sorry mate it was on here just! Not sure if its cus I'm doing it from my phone or what
  3. Thought id show you all my Krytac CRB, no internal upgrades have been done other then deans connections. Externally theres the silencer, red-dot which works in conjunction with the iron sights, the hybrid grip and the pts mags. Overall I'm happy with it and i think it looks much better then standard without much work been done to it. Out of the box it shoots fine so i won't upgrade any internals until it breaks. Im running it on a 7.4v & 11.1v lipo. I do get the double feed and lock up sometimes on the 11.1v but that ROF is dammeeeeee crazy!
  4. My Krytac CRB. Only external mods internally it's 100% standard.
  5. Do we not have to have lower specs because of our 350fps limit on field? Also the FPS limit... Is that a written law or is that just what airsoft fields use? What's stopping us be the same as other countries with higher limits?
  6. Yep I did and every time I type in red dot or sights it says nothing is available. Unless it because I'm doing it off my phone.
  7. Hi guys I'm after a red/ green dot sight for my krytac crb. There's a micro T1 on eBay which I'm interested in and there's also a UTG 3inch sight and also a Nuprol sight. They all look the same however I wanted people's oppinions on them. What do people have and use. Are there cheap knock off about? Can you use them with fixed sights as mine don't flip down?
  8. Hi guys I've got a brand new krytac CRB. All I've done it changed the connections to deans because the original connections are crap! Anyhow I've plugged an 11.1v 20c lipo in and the gun double fires every time I'm semi and eventually locks up. To unlock it I out the gun into auto and it's fine again. First things first can this double feed/ lock up damage my gun internally? Secondly does anyone have any idea why this is happening ...? Id rather it not double fire to be honest This is a brand new gun can I say brought in the UK
  9. Hi guys I've looked on taiwan guns at some new magazines and I've notices it says this ... Mid-cap magazines must be prepared in particular way before first usage. Steps that must be made: * during first usage, magazine MUST NOT be fully loaded with bbs, * before first usage, magazine SHOULD be oiled with silicon oil for better working, * during first usage, magazine SHOULD be loaded with few bb s and subsequently core out. After magazine SHOULD be loaded with 10 bbs more than first time and subsequently core out. Activity SHOULD be repeated until full mag capacity will be achieved. * REM
  10. Hi guys Ive been looking into scopes and boy o boy theres quite a lot to look at from holographic red/ green dots, to 3x-10x scopes with a mil-dot and the list goes on. I play mainly woodlands and i did try a holographic on a game that i borrowed...and i hated it! not sure if its because it wasn't set up correctly but i found it hard to see through unless i was in a open area with direct sunlight. which isn't always the case in the woods. What scopes do people have for woodlands play any pictures of guns/scopes and description would be great hopefully people can educate me abit
  11. The shop have ran out of batteries lol! but man o man i didn't realise there was so much info online regarding batteries even online youtube videos explaining them! Even charging the batteries you need a special charger to balance them. All new to me this. Oh don't suppose you know if the MK2 have the 30k motor in the UK?
  12. Does it matter that its a 30C discharge rate though? and not the 20C recommended by Krytac?
  13. What do people think to this battery? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NanoTech-1400mah-3-Cell-Airsoft-Lipo-Stick-Battery-Pack-11-1V-15-25-C-/231939874210?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368 Also this is the battery actually on Krytacs website https://krytac.com/shop/bbs-and-batteries/team-tenergy-11-1v-1200mah-stick-li-po Hard to find this battery in the Uk but ill keep looking
  14. Wow thanks guys for the reply, as always i really appreciate it. One question i do have is regarding the nunchuck batteries , so lets say you have a standard single stick battery which is 1000mah and you get a 3stick/nunchuck battery that is also 1000mah is the nunchuck 1000mah per stick or overall? Only reason i ask is there isn't much difference in price from what i can see so it would be easier to just get the single stick and pop it into the buffer tube.
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