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  1. I bet you go round popping kids balloons at partys don't you. 😋
  2. Apologies if this has been posted before. This would be pretty awesome though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BBnYPuM2s0
  3. I've just started in this area, went to skirmish. Where is AP, and why does skirmish seemed to be being mentioned with a bad taste in the mouth?
  4. Hi All, Extremely new to all this so if I continue with this i'll probably be asking tons of questions. One I have for the moment is magazine capacities. i've been hiring the sites weapons so far and they have 300-400 round capacity magazines and I have to keep cranking the magazine to get BB's in place. I don't like it and have experienced jam after jam after jam. Maybe its just me but it's annoying. What type of magazines are out there in terms of capacity, how they work, whether they'll fit most guns (assume ar-15 type which is the most likely route i'll go down for my f
  5. Hi all. Joined this forum some time ago when I was looking for a place to do airsoft but at the time everything was just a little too far away. Have since moved and now i'm in Southend and whilst buying parts for my air rifle, went to a shop that does airsoft and they pointed me towards Skirmish Billaricy which is close enough to me to be a regular trip. So I thought i'd say hi to anyone who goes there, and to see if there are any other local places to go. There is apparently a cqb plase even closer to me in hockley so I'll be checking that out as well.
  6. There is a sticky from 2011 about place to play but the link in it doesnt work and its 7 years old anyway. Any chance of someone putting together an up to date list of active places to get involved with airsoft? As a starter, anyone know of anywhere close to Redditch? There used to be a site called RAIDAisoft down the road but they don't seem to be active anymore. Last post on their facebook page was a year ago and their website link is dead.
  7. Stoke is too far away. Over 60 miles from where I am. That map isn't very helpful. Very few of the sites listed on there that are close to me seem to be actualy operating and those that are are again outside the distance I would like to travel.
  8. Hi all. I'm looking to start playing and i'm trying to find a good place to start. I'd like somewhere that's open on a regular basis but most places seem to be occasional events only, which isn't really for me. I'd also like to join a group rather than just be a turn up and play player. I had a look on the pinned link on these forums for places to play but it was put up in 2011 and doesn't work. Any chance of it beig updated? I live in Redditch and ideally would like something local. I've seen one up towards Telford way that looks good but it's 45 miles away. I've
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