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  1. Ha , Hi want to purchase real safariland will the we g17 fit in a real steal 17 safariland .if so which is a better fit to purchase wthe light model bearing or normal without light bearing would be better ? Many thanks
  2. Hi did you purchase this replica safariland , and if so how is it in conjunction with the we g17 , do you have any pics with the we inside of it . Many thanks O.S
  3. Ok sounds good , was it difficult to attach directly on to belt ? Thanks for your reply and information I really appreciate it
  4. http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-holsters/nuprol-drop-leg-holster-platform-black.htm#.WS87oIHTWEc
  5. Hello already have the nuprol holster for my g17 and have noticed they also produce a drop Leg holster platform for this , how ajustible is it , is it comfortable and do you recommend it many thanks appreciate your replies
  6. Awesome I really appreciate your time and assistance with my question cheers buddy
  7. Hello all I found that AA Now produce a l85 with a Daniel defence see link below http://www.weekendwarriorairsoft.co.uk/product-page/army-r85a2-ebb-black-full-metal-army-r85a2 that are about £220 much cheaper than buying a Ics then a rail My question, is the AA version good quality and how internally sound is it and can the blowback be disabled many thanks
  8. Brilliant !! that looks like exactly what I'm after thanks for your help
  9. Anyone recommend running a pistol lanyard? And if so what one many thanks
  10. The nuprol taco pouches are really good
  11. I recently Purchased ghost recon wildlands on PS4 and its thoroughly a great game minus some bugs.The map is MASSIVE ! Its great with friends to set up great sniper shots etc.the single player is quite good as the ai teammates are quite useful and cover your back.playing with friends or with ai either your option to go in stealthy or go in loud I prefer a mixture of both
  12. Hello I use the Motorola xt420 and need some good airsofting earpeices anyone recommend thanks
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